In The 7th Heaven. (Harry Styles fanfic)

Sue is just an ordinary 14 years old girl.. She thinks.. Till a curly haired boy appears in her life and changes it.. Completely. The story is also containing friendly, passionful and sorrowful scenes. (First movella, hope you'll like it)


1. Let Me Introduce Myself

Sue's POV.

Hello, I'm Sue. I'm fourteen and now I'm fangirling in my room, because I've got a ticket to the 1D concert! :) I'm a huge Directioner so I'm the happiest person. I have a crush on Harry Styles and Liam Payne. Maybe it sounds strange but they're the loves of my life and my only wish is to meet them. Every night I have Direction Dreams with many kisses and romantic scenes... When my mum gave me the tickets I thought she was joking, I couldn't believe that my dream will come true in some days, but the best thing was when I found out that my best friends Morgan, Amy and Lauren will come with me to that concert.

To celebrate the best feeling of the life we had a sleepover together and it was phenomenal. We read some fanfics and imagines so we had so much fun last night. :)

"Sue, I still can't believe that we have a VIP ticket to the next One Direction concert!!" Screamed Amy. Did I mention that we have those ticks to the VIP sector?

"Owh... I wanna look into Harry's wonderful emerald green eyes and never end with that wonderful moment!" Lauren said. She has a crush on Harry too.

We've got dressed and went to Starbucks for a hot coffee and then we came home. All the time I was imagining how our first perfect meeting will look like, his first smile on me and our wedding. The concert will be tomorrow so the girls returned home so they can prepare for it.

"Seeya! :)" Morgan yelled with an australian accent - she was from Australia but she moved to England last year.

"Bye bitches." I answered and closed the door. Yeah, I call them bitches since we were cyber buddies only.

I really wanted to look into Hazza's adorable eyes so I decided to get some sparkling clothes for that night so he will see me certainly. I've chosen some funky leggins, an Union Jack top and a sparkling scarf. I decided to make my hair curly tomorrow. I looked into the mirror (I had only bras and underwear dressed on) and smiled. I still thought it's only a perfect dream...
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