the set that started it

valentina's is work for one direction and she does know until he takes her to work and one of the boys falls in love with her what will happen


3. the lake

I walked onto the set with them and watched them get their make-up done i kept staring at niall and smiled , my dad walked up to Me " so you met the boys honey ?" " yeah why didn't you tell me that you were working with One Direction ! You know how much I love them!" " because when I had this Job it was temporary and I didn't want to tell you then disappoint you when I lost the job " I nodded in agreement " so... It's a permanent  job now...right dad ?" " you bet." I gave him a big hug . Then I looked at Niall , he was checking himself out in he mirror. He saw me in his refection and winked my dad saw " so you like Niall ?" " No, why would you think that ?" I said in a sarcastic way. " okay I guess I do , but don't tell him I MEAN IT!" He snickered " I prefer you to day niall he is a nice  lad " I nodded and walked towards niall's make-up table he saw me in the mirror and he turned around and smiled "hey valentine!" " Niall it valentina with an A not and E " I know " he said " but that's going to be my special nickname for you only . I blushed and he sees that and taps my cheek "so...?" I say it been silent for a couple seconds . I didn't know what to say ! Then finally the stylist comes in and tells niall to leave since I was an extra on the set u had to wear a bathing suit for when were in the pool " pick one out of these three suits" she said and I picked this one. I changeable walked out , every guy turned their head and looked at me I quickly ran over to get my jacket and put it on , and wrapped a towel around my waist . I didn't wanted to be noticed . Niall walked over towards me me and the rest of the boys followed ." Nice outfit" Louis said trying not to laugh . Harry punched him in the arm , I knew I looked awkward so I just laughed along " you looked better showing off your bathing suit " Niall said . Now he was flirting with I could tell " um, thanks ?"  I replied feeling unsure , I didn't know if that was a compliment or a dirty remark "anyway , wanna head out to the lake?" Liam asked me , but he was whispering do no one else could hear him " um I don't know are we allowed to ?" You asked because you didn't want to get in trouble " of course were not our security are douches" Louis said they all eyed me so I just said yes since they wouldn't leave me alone but I'd get to be with Niall! So of course I was going along " come on let's go then I call  walking with valentine !" Niall said loudly " Niall shut up !" All of the guys said at the same time . Niall's face turned red filled with embarrassment ." Valentine ? I thought it was valentina Harry asked " it our thing niall said I giggled as he layed his arm on my shoulder , he winked at me I knew he liked my back . We were half way to the lake and niall's arm was still on me . Then we put our stuff I put my phone. Next to niall's and he put his phone next to mine . I was taking off my jacket and towel and they kept staring at me then niall walked over to each if them and smacked them in the face whispering she's mine he glancing over at me and I walked away playing hard to get . He followed me me in and splashed me with the freezing cold water ! "NIALL!  that waters freezing cold " I splashed more water at him and then we started to fight and then the rest of the boys joined and we continued for about 5 minuets then we got caught...
"What the heck do you think your doing " a deep voice said we all turned and looked at Paul and all put on innocent smiles " we were umm---" Louis tried to come up with a lie " who are you Paul asked me "I'm uhh my dad works here"  he nodded his head "ill let it slide for you but for the are in a bit of trouble you know I said not to leave the set "  they all nodded " now get out of the lake NOW" we all scurried out of the lake then Paul walked back niall sat down on the grass and took my phone " Niall what are you doing ?" He was typing something in my phone " and done " he handed me my phone he added his contacts and the other guys in my phone I smiled and grabbed his phone and added my contacts . He erased the name I put and put down 'valentine' instead of  valentina I giggled and we both walked back to getter leaving the other boys behind he got closer to me as we walked and I got closer to him . He touched my fingertips , which ment that he wanted to hold my hand and I put my hand on his them he got tightened his hand around mine and I looked at him and smiled the rest of the guys ran up behind us and Louis yelled " JUST KISS ALREADY !" Niall just looked at me and his face turned red .  " i was wondering where you guys were!" My dad said walking up to us I let go of niall's hand and grabbed it again my dad looked down at our hand he put his hand on his head in disbelief and smirked and walked away " I knew this was going to happen " he said in a proud way . I got really embarrassed and looked at the ground with my cheeks burning red" your dads pretty cool " Niall " thanks" we sat down together behind a large oak tree and just looked at the stars . There was electrical problem so the video was delayed to tomorrow .

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