the set that started it

valentina's is work for one direction and she does know until he takes her to work and one of the boys falls in love with her what will happen


4. i love you

 I'll be right back " walked off somewhere and left me there for about 10 minuets so I just texted my friend and told her about my day.
You: my dad works with 1D and I got to meet them
Your friend : ur so lucky
You : ikr and get this Niall has a major crush on me !!!
Ur friend: lucky can you tell Harry that I'm single !!g2g luv ya . Niall was coming back with two hotdogs and drinks for you two 

"That looks good " I said I was starving !"That's my kind of girl"Niall said and winked . We both Finnish our food fast , it was getting dark and really cold so I put my jacket on but my jacket wasn't cold enough . Niall saw that I was cold and pulled me closer to him . I felt like the luckiest girl on the earth!!! I rested my head on his shoulder. And put both if my legs on his . I was comfortable this way and loved every second of it then niall kissed my forehead and I looked up at him and he leaned in and our lips touched . It was perfect I kissed him again and we didn't pull back this time

sorry about the sort chapter

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