the set that started it

valentina's is work for one direction and she does know until he takes her to work and one of the boys falls in love with her what will happen


2. football

it's been an hour now. And I was getting bored I saw a snack bar farther out in the campsite maybe I could sneak something to eat from there I was starving I opened the door and walked out then a football (soccer ball) came out of nowhere toward my direction * omg I just said direction * anyway I caught the ball and looked around to see where the ball came from .then 5 boys came running up to me then I got to see them more clearly . IT WAS ONE DIRECTION !!!!!why didn't he tell me that like two years ago when they became famous ?!" Hey over here ! Can you toss the ball over?" Louis said my knees got weakened when I saw niall , I looked at him and he froze and just stared at me his eyes widened and and his cheeks turned bright red the ball was still in my hands and I froze too . Y-your one direction my dad works with guys you know ? They all smiled okay so what's you name love ? Louis asked "valentina "that's a sweet name Liam said Niall was still staring at me " so are you starring in the video zayn asked " no way " why " Harry asked I don't know I'm just not the type of girl that liked to be on camera .im a sporty and a nerd " they all laughed . Niall finally talked to me but he seemed self conscious while he Spock " we'll since your the sporty type of girl how about about we play a game  of football " " sure niall" he smiled at me . We separated into two I was with Louis and zayn and we were playing against Liam ,Harry     and NIALL!! I love him so much but I still acted normal around him . We started and I could the guys were being 'soft' with me I could totally tell so that's when I showed them my skills .of course I didn't tell them that I've being playing professional football since I could walk ! So right when Harry was coming toward my side with the ball I tripped him and kicked the ball so hard that you could hear the wind of the speed of the ball . It sped past Liam and into the net . The rest of the boys just stood there with a completely. Blank face on " damn girl we didn't think you could play that good " Harry said getting up from the ground . I giggled and ran over to high five Louis and zayn then we continued playing this time niall came with the ball and my heart dropped but I still ran towards him but I tried to trip him he tripped me at the same time and we went falling down . He landed on top of me and we smiled at each other " awkward " Louis said holding back a good laugh niall quickly got up off of me and reached his hand out to me are you alright sorry about that. I'm such a klutz " I took his hand and replied " no it's fine i shouldn't have been playing too hard anyway " your competitive there's nothing wrong wit that " I guess so..." " so do you like nandos   ?-" we were cut off by Louis " umm this isn't a good time for a conversation like this ". The game is still going on niall gave Louis the hand " talk to the hand cause you don't gotta a man !" I laughed at that one . Louis grabbed Niall's hand pushed it back down " e-hem. Niall go do a Irish jig with your girlfriend " don't start ! We have to get back to the set anyway . Nice meeting you valentina Liam said interfering with Niall and Louis's 'little' argument . And are you sure you don't want to go valentina " I nodded my head yes "please come it will be fun with oh around " Niall said looking into my eyes . I couldn't resist saying no to him " ok fine ! But I'm staying in the far back!" I saw niall smile , Which made me smile too

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