the set that started it

valentina's is work for one direction and she does know until he takes her to work and one of the boys falls in love with her what will happen


1. i dont want to go

But dad I don't want to go I keep telling my dad who wants to show me what he does at his job but valentina it'll be fun the are 5 other boys your age you could socialise with each other I just roll my eyes yeah and they are probably like those self centered jerks that I've dated before no these guys are much differentthen that trust me My dad is a dumb director for music videos mostly for this dumb group he hasn't even told me who they actually are he convincing me to come and meet them and see behind the scenes no way!!! Who is this group anyway?youve never told me who they were I told him "find out when you come it's a big surprise he walked off  to find the car keys .i yelled down the hall " if they aren't one direction or has anything to do with niall horan I'm NOT interested!" He just snickered and walked into the car I walked outside to get into the car and sat down .the ride was long  I wasn't happy at all we finally pulled up into a large campground with all these tents and pools "so fun " I said sarcastically " just come in and introduce your self to the boys ...they're famous you. Know" my dad kept nudging me . I ignored him and walked back into the car and just kept playing games on my phone

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