A Fling or Real Thing?

Jontee McDougall, 16 years of age, anti-social, never believed in love until one day, a new person came in her life, Harry Styles, the new student from Holmes Chapel. Will this spark lead to a Fling or a Real Thing?


2. The new Kid

-Chapter Two-

**Jontee’s POV**

I was walking my way to school, taking the last sip of my drink. I saw my friends, I smiled as I saw them. I honestly think that without them, I wouldn’t be here right now. They made me smile when I cry. I don’t know what to do without them.

Once I snapped out of my thoughts, I found myself staring and smiling at them. I walked my way to them and hugged them one by one. They’re Raisa, Annie, Tearna, Maddie and Claire. They’re all gorgeous, I don’t know why they hang out with a girl like me.

As we heard the school bell ring signaling that classes will start in 10 minutes. I walked my way to my locker and got my stuff I need. My first class is Social Studies, great.

I sat on my seat on second row and waited the other students to gather in the classroom. I watched as the populars to go inside the classroom. You see, they made my high school life become hell. Back to reality. So as they go inside the room, one boy caught my eye. I know he was new because I never saw him before. He was curly, tall and he has green eyes, over all, he’s cute! But no, I don’t believe in love at first sight because love has to be earned.

I noticed myself staring at him for like 5 minutes and I never noticed that the professor was already here.


I successfully removed my gaze from him.

On the middle of the never ending lectures, I felt someone passed me a note. I looked at the paper and it said ’ 07745352515 (A/N: Not a Real Number!) Call me, babe? -Harry;)’ I looked back and saw the new boy winked at me, okay, his name’s Harry. But no, he’s a flirt. I can tell by his moves. He’s the type of guy who breaks a girls heart. But I felt my cheeks blush when he winked at me.

Is this Love at First Sight? As I said, Love has to be earned.

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