A Fling or Real Thing?

Jontee McDougall, 16 years of age, anti-social, never believed in love until one day, a new person came in her life, Harry Styles, the new student from Holmes Chapel. Will this spark lead to a Fling or a Real Thing?


4. The Beach Party (Part 1)

-Chapter 4-

**Jontee’s POV**

The moment Harry sang, I felt like I’m in heaven. His voice is so angelic. He could be a singer!

But I felt this weird feeling in my stomach when I heard Harry sang. It felt like butterflies and fireworks going crazy. I never felt this way before. So I don’t know what this means.

(A/N: Let’s just pretend it’s dismissal time~ :3)

Before I go home, some students invited me for their beach party. I’ll go tell my mum first. She’ll kill me if I’ll sneak out. I hope mum would agree. Maybe this would be the fifth time I’ll go to a beach party. The first three was kinda awkward then the fourth was awesome because I do socialize a lot now.

As I entered our house, mum was cooking in the kitchen while dad’s preparing the table. “Hi dad!” I said and hugged him. “Hi Sweetie! How’s your day?” My dad asked. You know? I’m so happy with my life now, I have the best parents and the best friends you could ever ask! I love them so much. “It’s good dad. There’s a new kid.” I said. “Oh. She or He?” he asked. “He.” I replied. “Okay.”. My mum came in and served our dinner. My mum cooks the best foods in the world! “Mum, dad, can I go to a beach party? It’s kinda welcome party for the new kid.” I asked nervously and hoping for them to agree. “Sure hun.” My mum said and smiled. “But! No alcohol and no smoking!” My mum said jokingly. “Yes mum! I hate those things!” I said happily. “Go now! I’m sure you don’t want to be late!” My mum said. “Kay mum. Love you! You too dad” I said while running upstairs to get changed. “Love you too cupcake!” My mum replied.

I changed into my favorite beach outfit. I reapplied my makeup and brushed my hair. I put on my favorite glasses. I grabbed my phone and some money, I slipped on my gladiator sandals and head out.

I walked my way there. After 5 minutes of walking, I can already hear the blasting music in the beach.

I arrived in time and the party started. I was dancing and talking to people. I found Maddie and Claire dancing with some dudes and saw Raisa and Annie making out with some boys I don’t even know who. I found Tearna talking to Harry then suddenly she held his neck and looked directly into his eyes. They slow danced. As I watch them, I felt a pang of jealousy. Why do I even feel this way? No It can’t be.

Maybe I do like Harry.

But NO! My Bestfriend likes him too. That would ruin our friendship.

As I snapped out of my trance, I saw the most heartbreaking thing ever.

Harry and Tearna, kissing.

I felt tears threatening to spill but I no, I can’t cry for him because the fact that I haven’t talked to him since he came here.

I won’t deny this but, I think I like Harry.

I Like Harry.

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