A Fling or Real Thing?

Jontee McDougall, 16 years of age, anti-social, never believed in love until one day, a new person came in her life, Harry Styles, the new student from Holmes Chapel. Will this spark lead to a Fling or a Real Thing?


1. Introduction

-Chapter 1-

Jontee’s POV

Hi. My name's Jontee McDougall. I am 16 years old. I'm outgoing, crazy and fun to be with. I love my family and friends. 

My type of musics are pop-rock.

My turn ons are: Loving, Caring, Sweet and gentle

My turn offs are: Stinky, Sweating and Cursing



I woke up as the alarm blasted through my ears. I got up, stretched a little and picked my clothes for today. I got in the bathroom, took off my clothes and showered. I let the warm water trickle through my skin. I shampooed my hair, put some conditioner and rinsed. As I stepped out from the shower, the cold breeze hit my skin that caused goose bumps. I immediately put my towel on. I stepped in front of the mirror and blow dried my hair, I put on some make up and got dressed. I put on my shoes and looked at the watch, it was just 8:00 am.

I decided to walk and stop by at starbucks. “Good Morning ma’am! May I take your order?” The lady greeted cheerfully. “I’ll take Vanilla Spice Frappuccino and blueberry scone please.” I said as I scan the menu. “That’ll be £4.23 please” She said and I gave her £5.00. “Keep the change.” I said and her face it up. I walked to a table near the window waiting for my order. I pulled out my iPhone and logged in to Twitter. I scrolled through tweets and retweeted few of them. I put back my iPhone as the lady come to me with my order. I thanked her as she put my order to my table and ate my scone. I sipped my Frappuccino and exited the store. I walked my way to school and prepared for the day. This is gonna be a loooong day.

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