My best friends brother

Lauren is an on ordinary girl who lives in Doncaster. Her life is a normal 20 year olds life until she meets her favorite boy out of he favorite boy band one direction


6. The Date

Laurens POV

Me and Louis set up a date. We chose friday night at 7. We chose to go to dinner, and then a movie. So it is now friday, but I can't find anything to wear. Em called and I told her I was going on a date, but not who, I said it was a secret.



E-Tell me who? Please

L- Not yet, I will later.

E- Ok then, where is he taking you?

L- The movies and then to a restuarant .

E- Ooh, sounds romantic!

L- ya I would say so.

E- Is the restaurant fancy?

L- No he said it would be just a normal everyday type of one.

E- Oh then, you should wear something not fancy, but not too casually.

L- Ok, so like skinny jeans, and a nice shirt?

E- Yeah, but do black skinny's and like a shimmery pink shirt.

L- Ok, I got it. Thanks Em, Bye!

E- Bye and have fun!

*End phone call*


i started getting ready for the date and at 7 i heard the door bell ring i put on my heels and light make up and head to the door to see louis standing there in a striped blue shirt red skinnys and black converse we headed to the car and drove for about 15 minutes until we arrived at the movie theatre.


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