My best friends brother

Lauren is an on ordinary girl who lives in Doncaster. Her life is a normal 20 year olds life until she meets her favorite boy out of he favorite boy band one direction


1. The bus ride

Lauren's POV

I am getting on the bus right now and this is gonna be a boring ride to work.

I go to sit down on my seat when a light brown haired man stops me and says "What's your name beautiful?"

"My name is Lauren. What's yours?." I reply

"My names Louis. Louis Tomlinson."

"Oh my God! Your Louis from one direction right?!!!?"

"Yes I am but just keep it to your self otherwise I'll have fans everywhere."

Louis POV

I fell in love with her as soon as I saw her. I think her name is Lauren. But seriously how could I not fall in love with those greeny bluey eyes, goldy browny wavy hair, and all of her other features!
I should ask her what her number is.
After a little bit of chatting I asked her
"what is your number?"

"0436891056" she replied.

Lauren POV

Omg Louis Tomlinson actually asked me for my number!! YAY!

Authors note

Hey guys if you like this so far then please comment favorite and like please. I also need help for the next chapter so please comment what you would like for the next chapter. Thanks!!

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