My best friends brother

Lauren is an on ordinary girl who lives in Doncaster. Her life is a normal 20 year olds life until she meets her favorite boy out of he favorite boy band one direction


10. panic at the restaurant

*louis POV*

we arrived at the restaurant and sat at the back table, flashes were going off and everyone was crowding us, i really love Lauren she is amazing and always makes me smile i want to kiss her but i dont know how she feels.....

*laurens POV*

i wish louis was my boyfriend but that will probably never happen, he is a superstar and i am just me, he keeps acting like he wants to be more then friends but maybe it is just in my head.

* Mia's POV*

i will get her back for all she did i will make her life hell, see im in love with louis but no lauren has to stuff it up just like everything else. 'oi bitch!' i screamed over the noise in the restaurant and lauren stood there in fear frozen lets see which way things willl go this time.


Authors note

hey guys sorry its been so long i really hope you like this chapter i am currently on spare at schooland have nothing to do so feel special anyway so what do you guys think of mia ?



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