My best friends brother

Lauren is an on ordinary girl who lives in Doncaster. Her life is a normal 20 year olds life until she meets her favorite boy out of he favorite boy band one direction


7. Movie Time

*Louis's POV*

When we got to the movies I said to Lauren,

“Here take these sunglasses to cover up your face and here’s a beanie too.”

“Ok…. but why?” She asked.

“Well, duh!! I am famous and the paparazzi will want to catch every move possible, so you should watch out!!” I replied.


As soon as we stepped foot out of the car, we got bombarded with questions.

‘Louis, is that your girlfriend?”

“Since when have you been dating her?”

“Have you two kissed yet?”

I even heard one fan say, “Louis you don’t deserve her. I mean look at her, she’s fat and ugly!!’

I stormed over to the fan and yelled in anger “What the hell!! You don’t know anything about her!! She is funny, caring, sweet and loving, unlike you!! You are a filthy spoiled BRAT!!!”

“OK then. I will go away, but I won’t be surprised if you leave her soon!!” She replied.

Lauren’s POV


Wow he stood up for me!! Somehow, I think I have seen her before….

I was snapped out of my thoughts when I heard Louis speaking to me.

“Come on love we have to get to the movie in time.” He said in a sweet caring voice.

Wait wait wait…. He just called me love?!?!? Oh yeah that’s normal for us to say seeing as we are British!!

When we got into the movie theater, Louis asked me, “What movie do you want to see?”

”What about Iron Man 3??” I suggested.

“Yeah that’s a great idea and I have never known a girl that likes action movies before!!” He said in shock.

“Oh well you are going to have to get used to it because I love action movies!!” I said smugly.

“OK then.” He replied back to me.

After our little conversation on what movie we were seeing, Louis bought the tickets.

We then went into the movie theater and took our seats.


(Skip movie because I don’t want you bored out of your minds!!)

After the movie finally finished, we got back in Louis’s car and drove to the restaurant.


Authors note: Hi guys!! I hope you like this chapter and I have tried to make it a little longer seeing as I have made all my other chappies short!! The reason is because I am finally using computer to update instead of my phone!! Anyway bye!!  


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