My best friends brother

Lauren is an on ordinary girl who lives in Doncaster. Her life is a normal 20 year olds life until she meets her favorite boy out of he favorite boy band one direction


8. Authors note (SORRY!!)

Hi guys!!


I am really sorry about all these authors notes but I am holding a contest!! It is for the boys girlfriends and Laurens high school bully!!

All you need to do is comment your name, age, hair colour, eye colour, personality and the boy you would like to be with!! If I have a lot of entries for a certain boy I will have to mix up who you are with!! Also please remember that it is for her enemy as well!! Also I am really very sorry if my story sucks!!


Anyway thats all for now so bye!! 

Also I forgot to add the contest is finishing on the 28th of June, but if I don't have as many as I need to, I will extend it and if I have like 3 people for one person I will have to mix you up a little but I will see.

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