Inner Emotion

For the Second Poetry Competition. This poem basically describes my life.


1. Sorrow

I'm simply a shadow in life.

An Outcast sitting in the corner.

There's more to me than meets the eye,

I guess you can call me a loner


Underneath my empty smile

there's a girl you'll never see.

A girl you'll never expect,

a type of person you'll never be.


Because the sorrow does not

compare with your joy.

Your unlimited happiness

Your freedom,

Your hope,

Your confidence

Your Stardom.


Because you'll never know

just how many tears are shed.

Through endless nights,

loneliness follows me to bed.


The reality slaps me in the face.

There's no kindness in it

nor there's grace.


As I take the lonely road

the only one I've ever known,

Having no clue where it goes,

with only myself and me alone.


The mask that I wear everyday

the one with a plastered smile,

has successfully deceived you.

I guess it will last a while.


The need for vengeance

is only getting greater.

But patience is a virtue

I can only hope to be stronger.


I don't ask for happiness,

I don't ask for peace,

I ask for a better living-

One that would give me relief.

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