Vampire Manor (Vampire/ One Direction)

**One Direction Not Famous** Rose Lee Winters is the princess of the vampire Manor. The manor is where Vampire's go to get their soul taken away. Well Rose runs away because she hates the fact that her dad and mum kill there kind.

When she bumps into 5 boys she learns they are vampires. When they take them in. They don't realize she is the princess. What happens when they find out? read more and find out.


5. Chapter 5


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Harry's POV

I got to the park. Where I met up with James. My eyes brown hunched in anger. "Where is Rose?" I asked.

James laughed, "I have to say she's all tied up" James said laughing. He pointed. I gasped as I saw Rose hanging from a tree. She looked scared, shocked, angry, upset and horrified.

"Remember our deal?" James asked.

"Yes" I snapped.

"Alright rules no powers, no silver, no weapons, no wooden bullets or stakes, no help just our hands and feet" James said.

I smirked, "You have no idea who I was for 200 years. Do you?" I asked.

"No what?" James asked.

"You will find out" I chuckled.

We started to fight. I kept blocking every hit from him. James was confused of how good I was. Well I was a boxer for 200 years changed me name when people realized I didn't age. But it was cool.

I punched James onto the ground. He got back up. Man he is really tough. I flipped. I swung my leg under neath and tripped Jason.

People started to watch. James couldn't handle the amount of people there where. "How the hell can you handle this?" James asked.

I just smiled and said, "I had to since you almost killed me." People were screaming and yelling fight. Police where there as well.

I kept dodging James' hits. My last one was the final blow. James couldn't get up. "I win" I shouted. Guards from the manor came down. "You set me up" I yelled.

"Harry" Rose yelled.

I looked at Rose. Guards grabbed me. I tried getting out of the grip. Everyone disappeared. "Let me go" I snapped. James stood up. "You forgot I am apart of the royal family. You hurt me. Death sentence" James said.

"You do know I know what you did to her. I wonder how the king and queen will respond to that" I snapped.

"Lock him in the dungeon at the palace. His death will be in 5 days" James said.

A guard let Rose down. She fell to the ground. Rose had tears. She ran and hugged me. I hugged her back. "I love you" Rose said.

I kissed Rose's forehead. "Love you too" I said.

The guards pushed me. Rose walked by herself. We got to the palace. Her parents were smiling. "I hate you. He saved my life. I hate you. I wish you guys were dead" Rose yelled.

I got pushed into the dungeon.


Rose's POV

I saw the guards push Harry into the dungeon. I cried. James grabbed my arm. I walked off. "Don't touch me" I shouted.

It was 10 am everyone was asleep. I sneaked into the dungeon. "Harry" I whispered. Harry walked up. We entwined fingers through the bars. "I am sorry. So sorry" I cried.

"It's not your fault" Harry said.

I looked at Harry. "It is you are going to die because of me. I wish I was never born" I shouted. More tears fell.

"Hey... Listen to me none of it is. James set me up alright it's his fault. I came to save you because I love you with all my heart. When I was here the first time the thing I heard was your baby cries I knew then you were the one for me. I dated girls but they where all bitches. Then I met you again. 18 years old girl. So beautiful. So witty and that's when I knew more you are the one for me" Harry said.

"You were here before?" I asked.

"305 years ago I was only 5 years old. Louis saved me and the. 10 years later you saved his sister" Harry said.

"What happened to the girl?" I asked.

"Felicity her name was. She went missing. No one knows where" Harry said.

I nodded. James came down. I punched and kicked him. "I wonder if i should tell my parents what you did to me" I snapped.

"You wouldn't dare" James snapped.

My eyebrows hunched in anger, "I would dare" I yelled.

Mum and dad came down. "Rose go to your room" mum snapped.

"No if you kill Harry. You kill me too" I yelled.

My parents were shocked even Harry.

"Why protect a creature as bad as him?" dad asked yelling.

"You think all vampires are bad. When they are not. So you calling me, mum and yourself bad. Harry saved my life twice and you want to kill him for saving me. James was the one who set Harry up. Who kidnapped me. Who abused the shit out of me. Who wanted me to have sex. Who has been stalking me" I yelled.

I felt a sharp pain in my back. I gasped.

"Rose" Harry said.

"I warned you not to tell anyone or it was your life" James said.

James pulled the knife out. I fell to the ground. "Rose" Harry said. My parents smashed James into a wall. I looked at Harry. "I love you" I chocked.

"Love you too but please" Harry cried.

Tears fell. The last thing I saw was Harry's eyes change into a bright red. He's future king.


Harry's POV

My eyes changed red. Rose's eyes closed. I broke the bar's and got to Rose.

"Rose" I said.

Her parents touched me. I faced them.

"Back off" I shouted my demon voice taking over.

They stepped back. I looked at Rose. Tears fell. She was going pale. I grabbed her hand. Rose's eyes opened a little. "Stay with me. Please" I said.

Ross chocked. "I can't it was a dagger" Rose said losing her breath.

"You have to be fine. You have to be" I said.

"One of us dies today" Rose said.

"Not you please" I cried.

Ross smiled. "I will..." Rose's eyes closed and her head moved. She then stopped breathing.

"ROSE" I shouted.

I looked at James. I grabbed him and smashed him into the wall. I punched him. I kept punching. "You killed her. You killed my girlfriend. You evil son of a bitch. I hate you" I shouted.

Her dad pulled me away. I hissed at him. He kept a hold of me. I ran to Rose. I pressed my lips onto hers. I pulled back. Rose's eyes opened. I hugged her and helped her up. "One of us is going to die today" I repeated.

Rose nodded. "And it's going to be you James" Rose yelled.

"She can't make that rule can she?" James asked.

"I am afraid we don't run the manor anymore its Rose's and Harry's job now. You saw Harry's eyes. He is future king. Which means he overrules us and so dose Rose with her many powers" Mum said.

"Guards" Harry said.

The guards ran up. "Take James into a cell. He will be killed in 5 days" Harry snapped.

The guards nodded and pushed him into a cell. My parents hugged me. I pushed them off. "You don't deserve my forgiveness. You arrested Harry for no reason and that makes me mad" I said.

My parents nodded. When we left. My parents started to pack. Harry rubbed my back. "Sorry if I scared you" I said. Harry kissed my forehead. "You saw my eyes didn't you" Harry said.

I nodded.



Yes I know sad right. Well I am sorry. 

Sorry James fan but he dies in the next chapter.

I hope you will like the next evil character I put in. But you have to wait.

Love you guys thank you so much for supporting my stories and me.

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