Vampire Manor (Vampire/ One Direction)

**One Direction Not Famous** Rose Lee Winters is the princess of the vampire Manor. The manor is where Vampire's go to get their soul taken away. Well Rose runs away because she hates the fact that her dad and mum kill there kind.

When she bumps into 5 boys she learns they are vampires. When they take them in. They don't realize she is the princess. What happens when they find out? read more and find out.


4. Chapter 4


This chapter is a little short. Sorry guys for the trouble. It's a filler. Nxt chapter will be a better longer one.






*No Hate








Harry's POV

Liam and I were in the gym. Yes we have an underground gym. He was helping me get stronger. We were in the ring. Liam had pads on and had my hands in a fist shape.

"Hit" Liam said.

I started hitting the pads. "Good keep going" Liam shouted. I nodded and kept hitting. I am not losing Rose. Never ever. She is the girl I have been waiting for. The girl I need and love. The girl I want.

"When you see James tonight you know what you will do" Liam said. I nodded and punched harder and faster. "Keep going" Liam said. I punched so hard. Liam went into the ropes.

"Oops sorry" I said.

Liam shook his head, "You can't say that to James can you" Liam said.

I shook my head and nodded to get what he meant. We moved onto the treadmill. I had a drink before. Liam put it onto jogging. I started to jog. Liam was shouting commands at me.

I have to say he may be tough but he is a good trainer. "Faster" Liam shouted. I went faster. The boys came down. "James is coming at you people are around what do you do" Liam shouted. I turned the speed down and jogged. "That's it" Liam said.

After that I did push ups. Liam was counting me. I did all different kinds knuckles, one handed, finger and normal.

"Break" Liam said.

I fell to the ground and took another drink. I had one on one with the boys. Liam shouted commands. Once we were done it was 11pm. I walked to the park.






What is going to happen now? Will Harry win or Lose?

Well you have to wait and see loves. Thank you for the reads and support. Hehe.

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