Vampire Manor (Vampire/ One Direction)

**One Direction Not Famous** Rose Lee Winters is the princess of the vampire Manor. The manor is where Vampire's go to get their soul taken away. Well Rose runs away because she hates the fact that her dad and mum kill there kind.

When she bumps into 5 boys she learns they are vampires. When they take them in. They don't realize she is the princess. What happens when they find out? read more and find out.


3. Chapter 3






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Zoey was making a potion so the boys will forget about this place and my parents. Not me. Just remember me as Rose. I thanked Zoey and left with the boys.

We got to their house. "Would you like a drink guys?" I asked.

"Yes please" the boys said nodded.

I did everything I needed to. I handed the boys a drink each. "Thank you" the boys said.

"No problem" I said.

The boys drank. "So Rose where so you live?" Liam asked.

Yes it worked. "You know all around" I said.

Liam nodded and walked off. The boys walked off but Harry. "You know your very pretty" Harry said.

I blushed and looked down. "Thank you" I said.

Harry pressed his lips onto mine. I smiled and kissed back. Harry pushed me gently against the wall. He ran his hands around my stomach. He stopped and pulled back. "What the hell happened?" Harry asked.

"My ex boyfriend used to beat me up and well I guess the scars, bruises and redness haven't gone away" I said.

Harry nodded and looked me in the eyes. "I promise to never hurt you" Harry said.

"I know you won't" I said.

"Can I ask you a question?" Harry asked.

"Yeah" I said.

"Why did you give me a potion that didn't work?" Harry asked.

I was shocked. "I know your the princess of the manor" Harry whispered in my ear"

"Please don't let the boys know" I said tears were falling.

"I won't" Harry said.

Harry entwined his fingers with mine. I smiled. "Just be safe alright" Harry said. I nodded and looked at Harry. "I will" I said.

The boys came down. "Harry you just met her" Louis said.

"Ever heard of love at first sight?" Harry asked.

Louis looked at Harry, "Yes but we don't know much about her" Louis said.

Harry rolled his eyes, "I do we were talking before" Harry said.




I was laying on the bed thinking. I heard a faint knock. "Come in" I said.

I saw Harry open the doors and close it again as he walked in. "Can I sleep with you?" Harry asked.

I nodded. I moved over and Harry climbed into the sheets. "How long have you and the boys been friends for?" I asked.

"300 years" Harry said.

I nodded. "Must be cool to have friends" I whispered.

"What do you mean?" Harry asked tucking my hair behind me ear.

"I never had any friends" I whispered.

Harry pulled me into his chest. I lightly cried in his chest. "They were afraid of me. Every Vampire I wanted to make friends with we're afraid I was going to get them killed" I whispered sobbing.

Harry rubbed my back. "Well count the boys as your friends and me as your boyfriend" Harry whispered.

I looked up and smiled. Harry raised a hand and wiped my tears off. I smiled. "I will be gladly be your girlfriend" I said. Harry kissed my forehead.




The next day I woke up in someone's arms. I looked and saw Harry sleeping. I smiled. He was so handsome. Light snorers left his mouth. He soft pale skin. His chest rising and falling. His eyes closed and his bare tanned torso. I felt like melting.

Harry started to wake up. "Morning" Harry said. Oh he has a morning voice. OMFG. It is amazing. "Morning" I said.

Harry and I made our way into the kitchen where the boys stared at us. "What?" Harry asked.

"Nothing" The boys said.

Harry rolled his eyes again. "Did you two do it last night?" Niall asked.

"WHAT! no" I said. I looked at Harry and walked off.


Harry's POV

Rose walked off. I looked at the boys.

"Guys lay off alright" I snapped.

Rose screamed. I looked at the boys and ran off. I got to her room. She was gone.

"Rose" I shouted.

I punched the wall. I saw a letter appear. I grabbed it.


'Dear Harry,

You want Rose come get her. Meet me at the park midnight tonight who ever wins gets Rose. If you cheat she dies. If she runs to you while fighting she dies. If we play far she will leave. Remember to meet me there. If you don't she also dies.

Yours truly James"


I felt fire burn inside me. I am getting Rose back. 

"LIAM" I yelled.

Liam ran in. I showed him the note.

"Alright training will start follow me" Liam said.

I nodded and followed Liam.



What is going to happen?

Who will win and who will lose?

Who will die and who will survive?

Well you have to wait until the next chapter. Please comment on what should happen

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