Vampire Manor (Vampire/ One Direction)

**One Direction Not Famous** Rose Lee Winters is the princess of the vampire Manor. The manor is where Vampire's go to get their soul taken away. Well Rose runs away because she hates the fact that her dad and mum kill there kind.

When she bumps into 5 boys she learns they are vampires. When they take them in. They don't realize she is the princess. What happens when they find out? read more and find out.


2. Chapter 2

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Harry took me to his place. He wanted somewhere for me to stay. I thanked him. He said not to worry. When we walked in. My mouth dropped. It was amazing. He must have been really rich to afford this. Then the boys walked down.

"Your house is amazing" I said.

"Thank you" The boys said.

I smiled. Harry showed me around. My phone went off. I grabbed it. James. I answered it.


"Hello" I said.

"OMFG Rose you are alive" James said.

"Yes I am" I said walking out to the back.

"Your parents have everyone looking for your killer. I have to tell them you are alive" James said.

"NO I faked it because I wanted to get out of there" I said.

"Alright I won't tell your parents on one condition" James said.

"What?" I asked. James has always had a crush on me.

"I get to have sex with you" James said.

"No it's blackmail" I said.

"Fine then I will tell them that there perfect daughter is alive and living with 5 boys. You know your parents will kill them" James said.

"Okay deal but if they get hurt it's on your hands JAMES" I yelled.

"Yes my lady" James said and hung up.


I turned around and saw the boys. I jumped a little.

"Who was that?" Niall asked.

"This guy who is my stalker" I said.

The boys nodded. I saw James waving.

"Who the hell is that?" Louis asked.

"My stalker" I said and walked inside and went out the back.

I got to James and started to talk.

"No you idiot I don't want you around here. Someone might follow you. Like a guard and then they would tell my parents that I am alive" I snapped.

"I want to find the girl you saved. The little one" James said.

"No you leave her alone. I saved her because she didn't do anything. I hate how we have to kill vampires. The good ones like us" I snapped.

"It's our job" James yelled.

"Not mine. If I did become queen I would only kill the bad ones not good" I snapped.

James went to hit me. I blocked. I got mad and smashed him into the ground. 

"Do not make me mad. You heard my parents" I snapped fangs coming down.

"Keep your cool or I will tell you parents" James snapped.

My fangs went back in.

"If you tell my parents I will kill you myself" I snapped.

"And then get your parents to kill you" James said.

I got off James and walked off. James knocked me down. He turned me over.

"I can kill you. Remember" James said.

"Yes I know but then my parents will find out it was you who killed me and they would kill you" I snapped. 

Harry pulled James off me. Liam helped me up.

"You better watch out Rose because I will tell them if you piss me off again" James said.

James ran off.

"What did he mean?" Zayn asked.

"You will find out soon" I said.

I wanted to leave. Harry walked in, "Where are you going?" He asked. I looked at Harry.

"I can't have you guys die because of me. So I am leaving" I said.

I went to walk. When Harry stopped me and turned me around.

"Don't go we can look after ourselves" Harry said.

"You would hate me if I told you who I was" I said.

"No we wouldn't" Harry said.

"Everyone else I have told has so you and the boys will do the same" I said.

The boys walked in. "Tell us" The boys said.

"I can't let you guys get killed" I said.

The boys wanted to know.

"Fine" I said.

The boys smiled. I grabbed photos out and gave it to them.

"Your the princess of the manor" Niall said.

"GET OUT" Zayn said.

"See I told you" I snapped.

"Zayn stop. She ran away for a reason" Liam said.

I sat on the bed. "I did. I wanted my parents to stop killing good ones and kill the evil ones in like bad gangs and all that. I faked my own death. That's why you saw the guards and well James is one of those people who can kill us because he has the power too. I saved a girl 2 years ago a little girl who almost got killed. She said thank you. My parents and James were mad but I told them and well they let her go" I said.

Louis looked at me. "Was the girl around 10, 11?" Louis asked.

I nodded. Louis pushed me against the wall. "She was my sister you evil bitch" Louis said.

Louis kicked me. I screamed and fell to the ground. He kept beating me. The boys tried to pull Louis off. Zayn kicked me. I groaned in pain. "STOP" Harry yelled. Everyone backed away. "She just said she saved her" Harry said.

Harry went to help me up. I pushed him away. "I am not going to hurt you" Harry said. I still didn't let him touch me. Nor the others. Louis went to. I hissed and my fangs came down. "Don't she will kill you Louis and Zayn" Liam said.

They walked out. I cried my eyes out. James ran in. "See what happens" James said. "They don't even know what you did nor my parents I can blackmail you to and get you killed for what you did to me" I snapped. James backed off. "Now you scared" I snapped. James ran out vampire speed. I heard a bang then a smash. I got scared.


Harry's POV

When we got into the lounge. I grabbed Louis and Zayn and pushed them against the wall. "You listen here if you hurt her again. I will kill you myself. Louis I thought you were my brother. And Zayn she didn't do anything to you. Her parents did it not her. So don't beat the crap out of her alright" I yelled.

I through Zayn into a glass table and I let Louis go. "You know not to get me mad. I hated the manor to but Rose was born the day you saved me Louis. So it's not her fault" I yelled. I walked away and knocked on Rose's door. "Rose can I come in?" I asked.

Nothing. I opened the door and saw Rose crying. "Rose" I said. Rose looked up. "Go away" Rose snapped. I was kind of hurt to see her like this. "I wish I never meet guys they are abusive fucks" Rose yelled.

"We are not" I yelled back. 

Rose stopped up. "Explain Louis and Zayn. I saved Louis' sister because she was crying for help and I don't even know Zayn. I am always locked in my room and James is a bastard. I hate guys sometimes because they hurt me more than others can imagine" Rose snapped.

James ran in. "I am taking you home" James said. "Okay James" Rose whispered. "Good girl. Now you Harry stay the hell away from Rose or we will get you killed understand" James snapped.


Rose's POV

We got home. I ran in. My parents hugged me. "OMG you scared the shit out of us" Mum said. I cried. "I am sorry mum, I needed to get away for a while and faking my own death was the only way" I whispered. Dad hugged me. "I smell vampires" Dad said.

"They wanted me to stay at there house for a while" I said.

Dad nodded. "Well at least you were safe" Dad said.

I nodded. "They were great" I said. 

About 6 pm. I heard the screams of vampires dying. I coughed. 


Liam's POV


"I mean James came and said they needed to go home and she left. Thanks to Louis and Zayn I still couldn't touch her. But she wouldn't let James either and he also told me to back off or he will kill me" Harry said.

I nodded. "She seemed happy here" I said.

Harry nodded "I know then the two fuck heads abused the shit out of her" Harry snapped.


Harry's POV

My phone went off. I grabbed it. Rose. I answered it.


"Rose" I said.

"I am sorry Harry for yelling at you. James did something to me a while back and well Louis and Zayn re did it again today" Rose said. There was a scream.

"Well if you ever need to talk I am here you know that" I said.

"I know and thank you for that. I have never had a friend before so you boys are the first. Well apart Louis and Zayn" Rose said.


I heard the door open. The it went dead.

"Rose" I yelled.


Nothing. Oh god. I have to go to the manor. I ran off. I got there and knocked. A lady answered.

"What do you want?" The lady asked.

I heard Rose scream in pain.

"I believe someone is hurting your daughter" I said.

The king ran down.

"Where is Rose? Who is he? Where is James?" The king asked.

"James is abusing Rose you have to believe me" I said.

The queen let me in. We ran up and ran into a room. James was taking Rose's soul. He got scared as he saw the king and queen. He stopped and dropped Rose. "Rose" I said and ran up. I got to Rose.

"You have been killing our daughter?" The queen snapped.

"My lady I am sorry but she disobeyed my orders" James said.

"You don't have the right to kill with us tell you to" The king snapped.

"Rose" I said.

Rose coughed. Rose opened her eyes. "Are you alright?" I asked. Rose swallowed and nodded. Rose looked around and saw her parents and James. I helped Rose up. I kept my arms around her. James went to do something when I used a power of mine and blocked his hit. I through him into a wall and hissed. The boys ran in.

"What is this room?" Louis asked.

"Get out you weren't invited in" Rose snapped.


Rose's POV

My parents were getting mad. "Mum and dad stop I allow them in" I snapped. They looked at me and calmed down. "God you guys are crazy" I yelled. 

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