Vampire Manor (Vampire/ One Direction)

**One Direction Not Famous** Rose Lee Winters is the princess of the vampire Manor. The manor is where Vampire's go to get their soul taken away. Well Rose runs away because she hates the fact that her dad and mum kill there kind.

When she bumps into 5 boys she learns they are vampires. When they take them in. They don't realize she is the princess. What happens when they find out? read more and find out.


1. Chapter 1


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My profile:

Name: Rose Lee Winters
Age: 18 but I am 345 in vampire years
Friends: None (Everyone around my age is afraid of me because of my parents)
Family: Mum (Carly, Queen) Dad (Fred, King)

Hair: Long brown straight hair (Dyed a little)
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'7

Personality: Sweet, funny, kind, sensitive, friendly, outgoing, cheeky and bubbly

Powers: all elements, Seeing the future, Walking through walls, Strength, Speed, Hearing, Smell and 
Mind Compulsion

Likes: Reading, Writing, music, dancing, singing, being alone
Dislikes: my parents, the manor, evil vampires and Evil colours aka black, White and blood Red



I woke up and heard screams. I walked down and saw a light coming from the killing room. Also know as the soul of lost Vampires. I opened my door.

"Sweetie what are you doing?" Dad asked.

I closed the door. "Seeing what is going on" I said.

Dad nodded and walked off. I hate it here. They kill good Vampire's. I want to see evil vampires come in here and get their souls taken away.

They don't deserve to be alive if they kill humans. Btw I am the princess of the manor my mum queen and dad king. I want out of here but I can't do it.

My parents will sent every guard here looking for me. Unless. Hmm... I have a idea. But you have to wait. Sorry guys. A man walked out.

"The killing is done sir" The man said.

"Thank you James" Dad said.

James was one of the men who had to right to kill them. You have to pass a lot of tests to do it. I once stopped him because he was killing a little girl. Who didn't want it to happen. My parents were pissed at me but I told them. They were shocked and let the girl go. The girl thanked me. But I haven't seen her since.

My parents were in a meeting. I grabbed a match and lit my room on fire. I had what I needed. I jumped out of my window. I made a copy of myself. Yes I have the power to do that. I wrote a note and stuck in on the door. A note from an evil vampire. Hehe.

I ran off as fast as I could.


Mum's POV

Fred and I smelt smoke. We ran and saw Rose's room on fire.

"Rose" I yelled.

We saw a note.


'Dear Manor, 

You see what I did to your perfect daughter. You better stop killing vampires or one of you will be next. You opened this door and you will find your daughter dead. I am sorry I had to kill her but we need you to understand STOP KILLING VAMPIRES WE ALL HAVE A RIGHT TO LIVE. YOU ARE KILLING YOUR OWN KIND 

Yours Truly 

Bradley Richaven'

Tears fell. We opened the door. Rose's room on fire. I went to run in when Fred pulled me back and into his chest. I cried my eyes out. When the fire stopped. There laid Rose. Laying on the ground dead. I ran up.

"Rose" I said.

Fred walked up. He was crying.


Fred's POV

I called a meeting. Everyone was there.

"I want all of you guys to find the person who kill our daughter. You find you kill. If they attack bring them here UNDERSTAND" I yelled the last word.

Everyone nodded. They went into groups and ran off. Carly walked up to me. I hugged her and let Carly cry in my chest. We lost our daughter. Our pride. Our joy. Our love. Our princess.


Rose's POV

I hated doing that to my parents. I didn't want to be in there anymore. Not with them killing. I kept walking when I bumped into someone. I fell to the ground.

"Watch it" A boy snapped.

"Oi calm your shit" Another one said with chocolate brown curls.

I looked at them.

"Sorry about that love" the boy said with chocolate brown curls.

He helped me up. I smiled.

"I'm Harry what is your name lovely?" Harry asked.

"Rose" I said.

"What a lovely name these are my friends Louis, Liam, Niall and the one who snapped Zayn" Harry said.

"Hi sorry about running into you" I said.

"It's fine. Well we better go see you around" Harry said.

"Yeah" I said.

The guards ran down. I hid in the dark alley. As they past. I walked out. Great mum and dad sent everyone to find the fake person. Harry looked at me. I kept walking through.


Harry's POV

When Rose walked off. I sighed. She was so beautiful. But why did she hide from the guards. I don't know. Oh I am Harry. I am 19 but I am really 355 years old. I am a vampire and loving it. I once got caught in the manor when I was a little boy and well Louis found me and saved me. He raised me up to be the person I am today. He is like my brother. Than we saved Liam, Zayn and Niall from being killed. 

Maybe Rose is going to get killed and she wants to escape. More guards ran down. 


The boys and I stopped walking. The princess is dead. But how? No one knew apart from us that the king and queen had a daughter. Well I was there when the queen gave birth. Rose ran back down. I grabbed her arm and stopped her.

"Why are you scared?" I asked.

"I helped someone escape the castle a few days ago" Rose said.

I nodded. Oh right you don't know the boys and my powers well I read mines, invisibility  seeing the past of humans, Healing, speed, strength, hearing and Mind Compulsion.

Louis' are tricking people, mind controlling, stealing throughts, speed, strength, hearing and Mind Compulsion.

Liam's are stealing life energy from humans, inflicting pain on vampires and humans, speed, strength, hearing and Mind Compulsion.

Niall's are luck, fire, water, speed, strength, hearing and Mind Compulsion.

Zayn's are ice, making vampires kill each other, blowing up things, speed, strength, hearing and Mind Compulsion.

So that's me and the boys. I won't kill you. Or we won't unless you mess around with us and back stab us then you better watch out. Because than nothing can stop us not even the Manor can. 

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