The New Girl

I'm new to school.I'm not like any of these other girls and guys here.My dads famous my sister is dating Louis Tomlinison and i get dropped at school in a limo with my best friend Sienna what do you think will happen? I also have a major crush on Harry Styles and when he and the band stay for the summer things get pretty heated one night and from there my life is turned upside down but what will happen to Eleanor and i will this ruin our relationship, is there someone else and do you think the boys will be able to handle it ? but truth be told theres a Lie brewing something that may ruin One Direction FOREVER!!


5. The Boys Arrive

Eleanor’s POV

I actually enjoyed the movie it was cute as. When we walked out the paparazzi where still waiting for us I was quite surprised so I jumped back and then fell onto Cleo and we both fell on our butts and laughed and then everyone surrounded us with the flash of a camera we stood up and walked quickly away and hopped into the car and drove away


Sieanna’s POV

As the girls fell over I couldn’t help but laugh, and when we stopped laughing they got up and went to the car. We got home and I ran to Cleo’s room and turned on the radio realising ONE DIRECTIONS!! New song was on the radio. Cleo came in and the song came on blasting. Eleanor screamed “shut up girls we have guess over” Cleo ran downstairs and jumped onto the couch where those mystery boys where. But once walking down I realised it was just Eleanor’s boyfriend Louis and his band.

Cleo’s POV

I ran downstairs and saw my best friends harry, Liam, Zayn, Niall and Louis. I always liked harry he was cute and so sexy when he has his shirt off. I never really thought about him in a boyfriend kinda way but that would be really awesome. So once we were all downstairs Eleanor put on a movie and we watched it on the couches we all sat it was Lou and Eleanor on the single couch and they were kissing, then harry me niall and Zayn on the ¾ seater couch and then Liam and Sieanna she likes Liam and Liam likes her, but they won’t tell each other.

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