The New Girl

I'm new to school.I'm not like any of these other girls and guys here.My dads famous my sister is dating Louis Tomlinison and i get dropped at school in a limo with my best friend Sienna what do you think will happen? I also have a major crush on Harry Styles and when he and the band stay for the summer things get pretty heated one night and from there my life is turned upside down but what will happen to Eleanor and i will this ruin our relationship, is there someone else and do you think the boys will be able to handle it ? but truth be told theres a Lie brewing something that may ruin One Direction FOREVER!!


2. Josh my best friend <3

Josh's POV

i had just flew out to australia from america and i went to go pick up Cleo and her friend from school, after i had seen there dad and said i was going to take them out for dinner and a movie. As i arrived at the school i waited for her i was wearing some shorts a white t-shirt a black leather and some sunglasses just to try and hide. As i seen her walking i called out to her and she started running, then all i seen was papperazzi when we where hugging and girls screaming and crying for me so i told her and her friend to hope in the car and we drove to her house. And i told them what we where doing the girl in the back asked me if she could bring her boyfriend because she didnt want to be the third wheel and so i said she could bring him.

When we got to her house the girls ran upstairs and i sat on the couch and waited thats when Cleo came down stairs.


Cleo's Pov

When we where on our way home Josh said we where going to see a movie and get dinner, after he told us sieanna called her boyfriend and he said he could come and that when well it got weird for me, i HAD always loved josh more then a friend and umm well i didnt know if he did to and i was going to ask him if he liked me in that way, but ever since i met One Direction last summer i had a major crush on harry and at this moment my feeling where going crazy telling me to tell josh and then i did "Josh" "yes Cleo?" he said with confusion in his voice " i love you" i blurted out not knowing if this was a dream and i blush and stuck my head in my knee's and felt so....umm.. there are no word to discribe my feeling and emotions right now and after that car pulled up in the drive way i ran upstairs closely followed by sieanna

I couldn't belive i just did that "arrgggg i'm so stupid!!" i screamed into my pillow, when sieanna had caught her breath she said "well at least he didnt act shocked if u had stayed to listened to what he said well then you would have been pretty happy you stupid girl" I groaned and asked her what she meant " go and ask him yourself" and she pushed me down stairs making me talk to him i slumped down on the couch and looked at him and said " Umm.. what did you say when i left the car?" and bit my lip. He sat closer to me and kissed me on the lips and said "i love you"

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