The New Girl

I'm new to school.I'm not like any of these other girls and guys here.My dads famous my sister is dating Louis Tomlinison and i get dropped at school in a limo with my best friend Sienna what do you think will happen? I also have a major crush on Harry Styles and when he and the band stay for the summer things get pretty heated one night and from there my life is turned upside down but what will happen to Eleanor and i will this ruin our relationship, is there someone else and do you think the boys will be able to handle it ? but truth be told theres a Lie brewing something that may ruin One Direction FOREVER!!


3. I cant belive it!!

Cleo's POV

After he kissed me i felt on top of the world. Then his phone rang and he said "hang on its my Girlfriend" my stomach dropped and as he walked away i screamed " how could you, you tell me you love me but you have a fucking girlfriend i hope you rot in hell you basted!! and i pointed to the door and he walked over to it and walked out like nothing had happened. I ran into my room crying where sieanna was and she came over and said "shhh its okay he's just a jerk how about we go out for dinner and a movie a girls night" i replied between sobs "alright ... that... be" then i went and took a shower and go ready to go out.

Josh's POV

I cant belive i just did that she was my bestfriend the one that knew all my secrets and the only person i could trust, why did i kiss her why did i say i loved her when i knew i had a girlfriend,why did i just walk out  im so stupid.

Sieanna's POV

So we where ready to go and just then the door bell rang as Cleo walked over to get it, i heard laughter like it was coming from out side so i walked over with cloe and it was her dad some boys and Eleanor.Cleo jumped into El's arm and hugged her and i waved and got a huge hug as well, this was truly my family.


It was 6 years ago my mum had just kicked me out and Cleo and Eleanor where walking past my place when they must have heard my mum screaming at me and then she picked me up and threw me against a wall.then she opened the front door and picked me up by the neck and threw me out there i was only ten. Thats when a beautiful girl came running over and asked it i was okay? i didnt reply and just layed there. they older girl rang someone and next minute i was in a limo with two Beautiful girls and they said how about you become our sister and so i did but then i had no clue who they where.

~End Flashback~

Then El looked at us and said "im coming" and we laughed at her and we left but i was still wondering who those boys where and why they where laughing, thats when El said " those boys are staying with us this summer, schools nearly over right?" "yeah!" me and cleo replied in unison. We arrived at where we were having dinner and as we got out of the car paparazzi where everywhere, i was used to it but i HATED it.

Cleo's POV

That's all for me sweethearts all for me!!" i said in a fake as british accent as we got inside for dinner El and Sieanna both burst out laughing and so did i thats when we got seated and had our dinner which was really nice then we went for a stroll to the movie theatre and we watched Reck it ralph and i have no idea why.

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