The New Girl

I'm new to school.I'm not like any of these other girls and guys here.My dads famous my sister is dating Louis Tomlinison and i get dropped at school in a limo with my best friend Sienna what do you think will happen? I also have a major crush on Harry Styles and when he and the band stay for the summer things get pretty heated one night and from there my life is turned upside down but what will happen to Eleanor and i will this ruin our relationship, is there someone else and do you think the boys will be able to handle it ? but truth be told theres a Lie brewing something that may ruin One Direction FOREVER!!


4. Author's Note !!! :)

Good moring / Good night where ever you are i hope you like it so far i have heaps better chapters coming your way but only if can get some of you to like/comment/fave please for me, Ohhhh and if you want to be in the story please comment ~name~hair colour~eye colour and 2 ways you would describe yourself. Umm i might post another chappy later if i cant sleep but for now facebook and twitter stalking love you guys lots xoxo. have a good day/night ahahaha :) <3

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