The New Girl

I'm new to school.I'm not like any of these other girls and guys here.My dads famous my sister is dating Louis Tomlinison and i get dropped at school in a limo with my best friend Sienna what do you think will happen? I also have a major crush on Harry Styles and when he and the band stay for the summer things get pretty heated one night and from there my life is turned upside down but what will happen to Eleanor and i will this ruin our relationship, is there someone else and do you think the boys will be able to handle it ? but truth be told theres a Lie brewing something that may ruin One Direction FOREVER!!


1. New school

A/N OKAY HI so okay this is my first movella i'm not the best writer but can u guys just give me feedback and like and favourite for me pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease :) thank you Mwah <3

Cleo's POV

It was my first day of school and my dad insisted on sending me and Sienna to school in a limo, so we took the offer and went. It wasn't a private school it was a NORMAL PUBLIC SCHOOL, when we arrived everyone stared at us and i stood there awakwardly looking at the ground waiting for Sienna, She got out finally and walked over to a group of girls who screamed and hugged me and i remembered who they were the girls had met in the Middle school year holidays (btw i live in australia) Then some guys came over and said hi to us and Sienna made me talk because she loved my accent and everyone did as well and asked "why we came in a limo it's only school" i just replied "umm i'm not really sure, My parents i guess" then the bell rang.

I walked to class with sienna she said we have math and that our teacher was an idiot, so i dont need to worry. At the begining of class our teacher Mr Atherns he called me out and said "Everyone meet Cleo Calder, everyone looked at me and i whispered in his ear " Its Cleo Poter" he then said "Sorry class meet Cleo Porter" then told me to sit down again and i sat next to sienna and shes the only one that knows who my dad is and who my sister is. after our first 4 classes we had sport and i didn't really want to play because all the boys seemed to get really into it and i just wanted to go home and get on skype and see my sister. There was only a couple of months until summer holidays when her and her boyfriend and his friends come out and stay with us.I heard a loud noise and everyone rushed away and sieanna came over and we got changed and got our bags and seen a car that said CLEO !! :)  as i got closer to the car i started running cause it was the one and only, my favourite person ever ...

Sieanna's POV

As School was starting Cleo wouldn't talk and i know why she hated her accent because she was british and everyone loves british people i guess. Soo i started talking to her and then the convosation grew bigger and she was now talking to everyone then the bell went and we went to our first class MATH arrgg i hate math its so boring and our teacher is an idiot, when we got into the class room he told cleo  to stand up and he nearly blew it for her and he said her name was Cleo Calder and everyone just stared at her and then she said something and he said "sorry Cleo Porter" and he told her to go and sit and then for the rest of the class we just sat their bored out of our minds. Our last class was sport and cleo was really off with the pixies i end up dragging her to get our bags and when we where walking out she seen a car and started running towards it and i just stopped when i seen who it was...OMFG the last thing i heard was screaming and crying thats when we got in the car fast and drove away.


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