Save you tonight

Madison's abusive boyfriend Dylan beats her to the max but one night she runs away from her a familiar blonde boy finds they fall in love??!


1. Beaten

"Madison get in here" Dylan yelled. The door swung open his fists clenched I could tell he was pissed."what did I do"I wimpered. "Your so stupid" he punched me in the stomach ant then threw me on the floor. He grabbed his pocket knife and grabbed my arm he slit my wrist, he did the same to the other arm. I realized what I could do I broke the window with my arm and jumped out of my 2 story house my ankle snapped as I landed I ran the pain was unbearable I finally sat and fell asleep on the park bench. It was not the most comfortable but it's something. The night was long I woke up to the sound of a boys voice it's sounded so familiar it's was an Irish accent.....I knew who it was......Niall Horan!!!
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