The Back Up Plan

*One Direction not famous* Liam Payne had loved Danielle since day one. But she was always acting cool, like she was too good for him. Maybe she was. Liam saw the way she danced, the beautiful grace in her step. One day she finally tells him off, as she goes to date his best friend. Err, ex best friend. But as fate would have it, on that same day, Liam's childhood best friend, Amelia, moves back to Wolverhampton, joining Liam at college (high school) once more. When she sees the pained look on his face, she comes up with a plan to make Danielle jealous and want him back: fake date her. But what happens when old feelings come back, and other boys fall for Amelia? Will she ever be more than a back up plan?


2. The Plan

Liam's POV

"I can't just pretend to date you Amelia!" I was astounded in what she had to say. She'd come up with a lot of crazy plans, but this one took first place, "Everyone would see right through it!" She rolled her eyes at me, not even taking the time to be insulted. 

"Liam, if an outsider had seen us greet each other again, minus the fact that we didn't kiss, they would have thought we were dating. Am I right lads?" She looked at the others boys and they all just nodded in agreement. 

"Before Amelia left, I thought the two of you had a secret thing going on." Zayn added in. I glared at him, and then looked to Harry who was looking down at his food, pretending not to care. When he caught my eye, all he did was nod. 

"See? Liam, you know I'm always right. And my plans work 99.99 percent of the time!" I could help but grin, she was right, her plans usually did work. But did I really want Dani back? I looked over to Danielle, who was cringing at the fact that I was so close to Amelia, and then to Jake, who was clearly trying to figure out a way to set his hooks into Amelia. But could I really pretend to date my best friend? I looked at Amelia, taking in her high waisted jeans, making her waist took tiny, yet showing off her curves, and her cropped knit sweater, letting a strip of her flat stomach show through, and her long black hair, framing her face perfectly. She had beautiful feminine eyes, a dainty nose, and small, but plump lips. I felt something stirring in my stomach, but I pushed it down. No, she was my best friend, nothing else. But dating her wouldn't be that bad, would it?

"Fine. But if anything goes wrong, I'm pulling out." I sighed, I knew she wouldn't stop talking until I gave into her plan. 

"YAY!" Amelia squealed, her features lighting up, "I can't wait to give that Jake a taste of his own medicine." She looked at Jake, giving him a sly smile, and a wink. Danielle noticed, looked to Jake, and smacked him on the back of the head. The rest of us all noticed this and laughed. 

Harry's POV

It was the end of the school day, and everyone made their way to my house, which was our hang out. I was walking along side Amelia, but she was absolutely silent, because her mind was reeling, trying to plan out every step of the plan. She was extremely determined, if not bored. I don't know why she was so into this plan. It wasn't really that exciting. I just think that she wanted something to do so badly. She was a highly talented girl, and she just needed something to put all of her energy in. I wished she would focus that energy on me. But she had never seen my that way. I was always going to be Harry, the boy who was too shy to say anything. Since she'd left I had become quite the ladies man, growing into my curly hair, dimples, and getting multiple tattoos. Girls seemed to love my raspy voice and wild ways, but I never got too comfortable in a relationship. As stupid as it seems, I wanted to hold onto my heart until the day that I could prove to Amelia that I was worth it. Suddenly Amelia's phone started buzzing as we were crossing the street. She looked down at it while taking a step forward. 

"Amelia! Watch out!" Louis' voice rang out. Amelia whipped her head around, not stepping out of the way of the car. This was my chance. I leaped forward, wrapping my arms around Amelia, and we tumbled to the side of the road, landing in the grass. She let out a loud scream, curling her body into mine. Once we had landed, she wouldn't take her head out of my chest. She nuzzled herself close to me, her body shaking. 

"Thank you." Her voice was shaky, but she managed to utter those words. I just stroked her hair, whispering sweet nothings into her ear until she calmed down. We were lying on the grass, legs intertwined, holding onto each other for dear life. I hoped she couldn't hear how quickly and deeply my heart was beating. Or if she did, she would think it was because of the adrenaline. When we finally got up, Liam was still glaring down the street. 

"That was Dani's car." Liam's voice spat. 

Amelia's POV

Harry insisted in carrying me in his arms all the way back to his house. I wasn't hurt or anything, but I felt safe in his arms. I knew that he wanted to make sure I would be alright. I also knew that Harry used to have quite the crush on me, but it was all in the past, right?

"Why wouldn't she stop?" Liam voice called from the living room. Harry and I were a little bit behind everyone because he was still carrying me, refusing to let go. 

"Harry," I whispered in his ear, "put me down. We're inside, nothing can hurt me here." I looked into his sparkling green eyes to see that they were still full of worry. 

"Are you sure?" He still clung on to me, reluctant to let me go. 

"I'm sure." I didn't break eye contact with him just to reassure him that I was fine. He sighed and lightly steadied me on the ground. He wrapped his arm around my waist, hugging me from behind. 

"I'll never let anything happen to you, Amelia." He whispered into my hair, kissing me on the top of my head. I shivered, thinking of the car, and how it hadn't stopped, even though it had enough time to. Was it really Danielle's car? Before I left, we were friends. But I guess she didn't see me as a threat back then. As Harry let me go, making his way into the living room to join the rest of the lads, I just stood there, watching his retreating back. I guess he still liked me. 

Liam's POV

I was sitting on Harry's couch, shaking with anger. I couldn't believe Danielle. I didn't think I could ever look at her the same again, let alone want her back.

"Liam, calm down." Amelia casually strolled into the living room, taking a seat beside me. How could she be so calm about this? 

"No! She could have killed you, Amelia!" I stood up, pacing the floor. 

"But she didn't, Liam. Harry saved me." She looked at Harry, and smiled, and he looked away, blushing, "I'm fine. We're fine. And I know that you're angry, but that's all the more reason to do get on with this plan. Make her feel the pain that she's out you through, Liam. Show her that she can't just toss people around like their her dolls. We're humans, we have feelings." I sighed, again, there was no point in fighting with Amelia, she always won. 

"Fine, but how are we going to do it." I sat back down beside her, resigned. 

"Well, I hear little Jakey-Poo is having a party tomorrow night..." Her eyes began to sparkle, and her smile widened. Oh boy.


A/N: Hey everyone. So I want to write this novel from the boys point of view, more than Amelia's because I've noticed that most of the books on this site are written from the girls point of view, so I want to mix things up. Hope you enjoy it so far!!

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