The Back Up Plan

*One Direction not famous* Liam Payne had loved Danielle since day one. But she was always acting cool, like she was too good for him. Maybe she was. Liam saw the way she danced, the beautiful grace in her step. One day she finally tells him off, as she goes to date his best friend. Err, ex best friend. But as fate would have it, on that same day, Liam's childhood best friend, Amelia, moves back to Wolverhampton, joining Liam at college (high school) once more. When she sees the pained look on his face, she comes up with a plan to make Danielle jealous and want him back: fake date her. But what happens when old feelings come back, and other boys fall for Amelia? Will she ever be more than a back up plan?


3. Party Rockers

Amelia's Outfit:



Zayn's POV

We all sat in Amelia's living room, the awkwardness stinking the air.

"So boys," Charlie, Amelia's father cleared his throat, "how have things been since Amelia moved to London?

"Very good, sir," Harry was the first to reply, clearly trying to get on Charlie's good side, "but we're all extremely excited to have Amelia back." Harry beamed at Amelia's father. If it wasn't clear before, Harry was definitely falling for Amelia all over again. Beside me, I heard Liam choke back a low growl. I looked at him, eyebrows raised. I wondered if Liam would ever realize how in love with Amelia he really was. Liam and I were closer to each other than the others, especially after Amelia left. I had questioned him none stop upon Amelia's return, but he continued to say that he was only looking out for her. I couldn't really blame him. None of us wanted to see Amelia get hurt. And while she was gone, Harry had turned into quite the Womanizer. We all warned Harry not to hurt her. But I would never say it aloud to Liam, or anyone for that matter, but I was quite sure that if anyone was going to get hurt, it would be Harry. He was so head over heels for Amelia that he would do anything for her, but none of us knew how Amelia felt about any of us. We knew she loved us, but not as anything more as a friend.

"Ready to go?" We all turned around, and I heard a sharp intake of breath from Harry.

Harry's POV

Amelia skipped down the stairs, the front of her hair braided, and her long, straight black hair falling down her back. My breath caught while taking in her outfit. Her long legs peaked out from a short, high waisted, pleated leather skirt, she wore a short cropped purple tank top that showed off just the right amount of chest. On her feet were black wedge boots that make her long legs look even better. This girl was going to be my downfall. My heart dropped as I saw her bound towards Liam, a bright smile on her face, linking her arm in his.

"Don't worry Mr. Banks! I'll take care if her!" Liam flashed a charming smile at Amelia's father. Her dad grinned back at him, clearly trusting Liam with his daughter. I felt a rush of jealousy wash through my body, my eyes focusing in on where Amelia's bare arm met Liam's. I felt a hand grasp my shoulder, and I turned my head, meeting Louis' blue eyes.

"Alright, mate?" Louis smiled at me, eyes concerned. He knew exactly how I felt for Amelia. 

"Yeah. Let's just get tonight over with." I took a deep breath and followed the rest of the crew out of the house, and into Louis' car. 


When we finally pulled in, the party was definitely already in full motion. Amelia had mentioned that she wanted to be late. She wanted to be noticed.

"We all know what to do, right?" She turned around, smiling at us all. We just nodded. We didn't really have to do much, except for stand around and watch Liam and Amelia fawn all over each other. Great. Amelia grabbed Liam's hand and pulled him away, into the house. He turned and looked at us, raising his eye brows and flashing us a smile. I swear i could have killed him. 

Liam's POV

"Ready?" I could feel her hot breath on my ear. I just nodded, swallowing the lump in my throat. I don't know why I was so nervous. Maybe it's because Danielle was really the only girl I've been with. Or maybe because Harry was going to kill me. We had told everyone that we were just going to flirt, but Amelia secretly told me her other plans. She wanted a genuine reaction out of everyone. 

"Put your hand on my waist." She leaned into me, resting her small palm on my chest. My heart sped up on contact. I had to admit, she looked absolutely amazing. I obliged, my fingers finding the material of her purple shirt, then sliding a little bit lower, making contact with the skin of her waist where her shirt stopped and left a gap before her skirt. She looked up at me, her breath speeding up. I let my eyes search her face, trying to figure out what she was thinking. In all of the years I had known Amelia (Which was 17 years, by the way) she had always been an open book to me. With one look I could tell what she was thinking, but tonight, she was a mystery. It was new, and confusing, but I liked it. 

"Jake, you need to stop borrowing my car." Our heads whipped around. We were in the corner of the kitchen, and Jake and Danielle couldn't see us. 

"Why, babe?" Jake wound his waist, kissing her on the neck, "I gave Liam and Amelia a little scare the other day. You should have seen the look on all their faces." 

"You're crazy, Jake." She swatted his face away. 

"But you love me that way." He smirked, and Danielle leaned in and kissed him. I felt my chest tighten, and my grip around Amelia tightened. 

"Ahem..." Amelia cleared her throat, causing Danielle and Jake to look up from their disgusting snog-fest. Like really, have a little decency. 

"Liam?" Danielle's voice was an octave higher than usual. 

"Dani!" Amelia released herself from my grip, throwing her arms around Danielle, pretending that nothing was wrong. But I stood there, frozen. So it wasn't Danielle that was driving the car. She wasn't even there. I looked at Danielle, her eyes instantly locking on mine. I felt the familiar tightness in my abdomen. I was simply, and completely still in love with her. No matter what I did, she would always have a pull on me. Right then and there, I decided that I needed to go with Amelia's plan. I needed to show Dani how much she needed me too. 

"Jake!" Amelia wrapped her arms around Jake's muscled torso, letting him snake his arms around her waist. I cringed, I didn't want him touching her. Beside me, I could feel Danielle's muscles tighten, too. Yes, I really needed to get this plan started. 

"Babe!" I locked my fingers in Amelia's, pulling her out of Jake's arms, "remember that dance you promised me?" She looked at me confused for about half a second, before she played along. She giggled, wrapping her arms around my waist, as I slung my arm over her shoulders, leading her out of the kitchen and into the middle of the living room, where everyone was dancing. As we exited the kitchen, all I heard from behind me was someone vaguely echoing the word, "babe?" But I ignored it. Danielle was going to have to suffer before she got me back. 

As we got to the middle of the dance floor, the song turned into a slow one.

(look up Ocean Wide by The Afters if you want to hear the song) 

Amelia looked up at me, raising an eyebrow, as if daring me to dance with her. I rolled me eyes, winking at her, and then wrapped my arms around her tiny body, puling her into me. She rested her head against my shoulder, wrapping her arms around my neck. 

Look outside

It's already light and the stars ran away with the night

Things were said, words that we'll try to forget,

It's so hard to admit I know we've made mistakes

I see through all the tears and that's what brought us here

We swayed to the music, not saying a word to each other, afraid to break the bond that we had just created. I felt so comfortable, with my best friend in my arms, in complete silence, appreciating the beautiful lyrics.

If love is in ocean wide

We'll swim in the tears we cry

They'll see us through to the other side

We're gonna make it

When love is a raging sea

You can hold onto me

We'll find a way tonight

Love is an ocean wide

I pulled away, looking Amelia in the eyes. She just nodded at me. My heart was racing in my chest, and it felt like it was going to pump right out of my chest. It wasn't like it was a big was just Amelia.... I leaned in, closing the gap in between us. 

Harry's POV


I'll stay right here

It's where I'll always belong

Tied with your arms

Days like this, I wish the sun wouldn't set

I don't want to forget

What made us feel this way

You see through all my fears

And that's what got us here

I stood at the edge of the living room, watching as Liam held the girl of my dreams in his arms. My fists were held tightly at my side. I couldn't do this. She was supposed to be mine. She couldn't do this stupid plan with Liam. He would never lover her the way that I can. Sure, I hadn't known her since I was one, I didn't know her inside and out, but she was the girl who I had wanted ever since I could remember. I was going to make her mine, no matter what it took. I watched as Liam leaned in, and my heart turned cold. This wasn't part of the plan!

"Mate, be calm." Zayn gripped my shoulder, completely calling that I was about to lose it. That poor boy didn't even know the half of it, "If you freak out, you'll never get Amelia." Something in my mind clicked. He was right, she would never forgive me if I freaked out and did something stupid, like punch Liam across the face just like I wanted to at that moment. 


Liam's POV

As my lips touched Amelia's, everything changed. I knew things would never be the same with her. Her lips were soft, and inviting. As she softly kissed me back, I deepened the kiss, pulling her as close to me as I could. 

"What in the bloody hell do you think you're doing?" Danielle's voice broke me out of my trance. Her hand gripped my arm, pulling me off of Amelia. I gave her an annoyed look. 

"I was kissing my girl!" I spat at her shocked face, "you moved on, so why can't I?" I narrowed my eyes at her. 

"Come on, Liam." Amelia slipped her hand back into mine, pulling me away, her eyes pleading. "We should leave." She smiled at me, and I knew she was right. We had already caused enough drama at this party, and I knew it would be enough to get everyone talking, Jake annoyed, wanting Amelia more, and for Dani to want me back. But like I said, she was going to have to work at it. I started to walk away, but Danielle was still holding onto my arm, pulling me back, giving me a stern look, but underneath it, I could see sadness in her eyes. She was begging for forgiveness, even if she didn't know it. 

"Liam, if you leave with her, I swear it's over for good." She threatened. I felt a laugh bubble out of my chest. And it was then that I realized that Danielle needed me more than I needed her. She needed me to make her feel wanted. To be that one guy she could always run back to. Well I needed to show Danielle Peazer that I was no back up, and if she wanted me, I would have to be her first choice. I just nodded, pulling myself out of her clutches, and walked away from her, following Amelia and the lads out. 

From now on, Liam Payne was not a second choice. He was going to be Danielle's first and last.








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