The Back Up Plan

*One Direction not famous* Liam Payne had loved Danielle since day one. But she was always acting cool, like she was too good for him. Maybe she was. Liam saw the way she danced, the beautiful grace in her step. One day she finally tells him off, as she goes to date his best friend. Err, ex best friend. But as fate would have it, on that same day, Liam's childhood best friend, Amelia, moves back to Wolverhampton, joining Liam at college (high school) once more. When she sees the pained look on his face, she comes up with a plan to make Danielle jealous and want him back: fake date her. But what happens when old feelings come back, and other boys fall for Amelia? Will she ever be more than a back up plan?


1. You're Back!

A/N: First of all, I just wanted to say no hate to Danielle. I'm actually a huge Payzer fan. I LOVE DANIELLE! Like you have no idea. I may or may not have a girl crush on her. So I just wanted to apologize in advance for making her unlikable in this fan fiction, it's just the way it worked out.

Here is Amelia's outfit:


Liam's POV


"I'm sorry Liam. But I don't love you." Danielle backed away from me, her face apologetic and caring, but her eyes made of stone. She didn't care. She never cared. I had spent the last year and a half of my life trying to make her mine, but she didn't care. She never would. She was just using me until one of my best friends, Jake was single again. And the saddest part, was that I had seen it the whole time, but I was blinded with how much I wanted her. I sat back at my seat at my usual place in the cafeteria as I watched her go back to Jake, wrapping her arms around him. He kissed her on the top of the head, staring at me, and smirking. You know what? The deserved each other. 

"I'm sorry, mate." One of my best friends, Zayn patted me on the back, "if it helps, we never liked her. And we would happily beat Jake up if you wanted." He scowled. None of my best mates, Zayn, Louis, Harry, or Niall liked Jake that much, but they hung around because I had convinced them to, and because Jake was our teammate on the school football (soccer) team.I just shook me head, telling them it wasn't worth it. I rested my head on my hand, pushing the food across my plate. I had lost my appetite. I looked across the room, catching a glimpse of Danielle and Jake snogging and cringed. They didn't even have the decency to let my wounds heal before letting the whole world know that Liam Payne was just a loser who had let Danielle Peazer string him along for a year and a half. Great. And then, right when I was about to tell myself to give up, I heard her. 

"LIAM PAYNE?" A beautiful girl with straight black hair, falling down her body until it reached her waist, light brown eyes, and a massive smile on her face was coming my way. Wait, could that be? No way!

"Amelia Banks!" I stood up, running to her, not giving a care in the world who was watching us. "What on earth are you doing here?" I finally reached her, and she jumped into my arms, wrapping her arms around my neck, as I held onto her waist, tightly, spinning her around. She threw her head back, lines of laughter creasing her face. I finally put her down, and she buried her head into my chest. It felt so good to be around my childhood best friend again. Especially after the day I was having. She let go of me and pranced over to my table. I looked up, noticing a sour look on Danielle's face. Was she...jealous? I just smirked at her. Take that.

"Zayn! Louis! Niall! Harry!" She exclaimed. Zayn stood up, the first of the lads to greet her. He pulled her into a big bear hug, kissing the top of her head. She moved to Louis, who stayed sitting. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders, hugging him from behind. He finally stood up, jumping on her as she staggered back, laughing at his craziness. Niall, mouth still full of food, jumped on her while she was regaining her balance, causing her to giggle profusely. But what I didn't like was the way Harry greeted her. When Harry liked a girl, there were some tell tale signs. It's not that I was jealous, I just didn't want there to be drama now that I had my Amelia back. He moved slowly towards her, pulling her into a hug, arms wrapped firmly around her waist. When he pulled away, he took her hand, kissing it, making her blush. As soon as he saw her reaction, he bit his lip. He was hooked already. I mean, who wouldn't be. She was gorgeous and we all knew it. Well everyone except her. I remember back before she moved away to London, Harry had a crush on her, but back then he was to shy to do anything about it. Amelia sat down, shoving herself between me and Harry, the boys tightened up in order to give her more space. 

"Anyways, to answer your question Liam, I'm moving back here!" She smiled brightly at us. We all gave our yells of encouragement. It was going to be good having her back. Amelia always knew how to take my mind off of the bad things. 3 years ago, her parents went through a divorce. It wasn't a bad one, her parents had remained friends, they simply fell out of love. Her dad was still living in Wolverhampton, but her mom had decided to move to London, taking Amelia with her.

"So your mom decided to move back?" Niall piped up. Amelia's eyes darkened, her expression a bit sad. 

"Uh, no. She's actually moving to America with her new husband, John. I didn't want to go so far away, so I decided to move in with my dad and my step mom." Amelia had never had a problem with her step mom, Debbie, so I knew she was just sad that her mom was going to be so far away. "Anyways, tell me what I missed? What's the newest gossip?" Amelia perked right back up. We had all grown up together, gone to the same schools, and knew everyone, and that never really changed, so she would know everyone we were talking about. 

"Well, Liam just got dumped for Jake over there." Harry snickered, poking Amelia in the side, causing her to squeak. She was extremely ticklish. She swatted Harry in the arm, giving him satisfaction in getting a rise out of her. He was already working his magic on her, and I prayed she'd be able to resist. Like I said, no drama.

"Oh Liam. I'm so sorry! The last time we talked, you were going out with Dani? I thought it was all going fine? And for Jake? I thought he was your friend!" She exclaimed, looking over to Danielle and Jake, who were still wrapped in each others arms. But now Danielle was eyeing me, still jealous, and Jake was oogling Amelia. Classic. 

"He just wants what he can't have, and when Dani was me, he couldn't have her. And by the looks of it, Danielle's the same. As soon as she saw you jump into my arms, she's been giving me stares of jealousy. Oh, and don't look now, but Jake's completely checking you out." I chuckled, Amelia was just like the rest of the lads, she had always hated Jake. And of course, she looked up right away and spotted Jake checking her out. As soon as they made eye contact, Jake winked at her. She just rolled her eyes. 

"Yuck, what a pig." She grimaced, but all at once, her face brightened, a huge smile forming on her pink lips. I knew that face. It was a dangerous one, but also a brilliant one, she had a plan, "OH MY GOSH! I'VE GOT IT!" She almost bounced out of her seat in excitement.

"Uh oh, looks like Amelia here has another evil plan." Louis guffawed, leaning forward, "now tell me about it, Master, you know how Boo Bear likes a good evil plan." Louis blue eyes lit up. I just rolled my eyes, those two were as thick as thieves when it came to Amelia's plans.

"Well, it's going to take some good acting, but..."

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