This might not be a Good book. Because I'm just write ing down different things I had on the top of my head. So they might be a bit mixed up. Please Please Please no hate.


3. Your Kids Names

Louis:2Boys: Jake Jay Tomlinson and D.J Andy Tomlinson
Eye color: Jake-Blue D.J-Brown
Age: 16 & 161/2
Hair color: Jake-Blond with a blue streak D.J- brown with blond
Hair styles: Both Justin Beibers style
1Girl: Bailey Lee Tomlinson
Eye Color: Hazle
Age: 15
Hair Color: Bleach Blond with Hott Pink Streaks
Hair style: Curly

Liam: 1Girl: Jenny Ann Payne
Eye color: brown
Hair color: dark brown
Hair style: Selena Gomazes Hair style
1Boy: Jason Drew Payne
Eye color: brown
Hair color: brown
Hair style: buZz cut

Zayn: 1Girl: Izzy Mia Malik (Daddy's Girl)
Eye Color: brown
Hair color: black
Hair style: Strait
1Boy: Drake Wyat Malik
Eye Color: brown
Age: 14
Hair color: Brown
Hair style: same as dads

Niall: 2 Girls: Ashley Demi Horan & Chelsea Megan Horan
Eye Color: Ash: blue & chels: blue
Age:14 & 14
Hair color:Blond & blond
Hair style: both strait
1boy: Asher Drake Horan
Eye color:blue
Hair color: brown
Hair style: spiked

Harry:2girls: Breanna Jay Styles & Darcy Lynn Styles
Eye color: Breanna-Green Darcy-Green
Age: 5 & 10
Hair color: both brown
Hair style: both VERY CURLY
2 Boys: Bear James Styles & Peyton Joseph Styles
Eye color: teal and green
Age: 13 & 14
hair Color: brown & blond
Hair style: Short & Mohawk

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