This might not be a Good book. Because I'm just write ing down different things I had on the top of my head. So they might be a bit mixed up. Please Please Please no hate.


20. You break or spran a bone during a sport

Zayn:    You were at a soccer game when you were about to kick the ball someone came and got it from you.You fell slipping on the grass your arm bent a way It can't. it broke. You were in so much pain you couldn't stop crying. The couch stopped the game and call a paramedic and got you to the hospital right away. Zayn was at the game so when he saw you get hurt he got out of the stadium as fast as he could. You couldn't play soccer for the rest of the season that was just about to make you cry even more.You love soccer you wouldn't give it at all.When Zayn Arrived he went to the front deat and asked where you were.Right now you were in a room getting z-rays on your arm zayn sat in the waiting room until you were done. When you were you got to come home and zayn helped in any possible way he could.

Liam: you just sprained you wrist shooting a hoop for you basketball game it hurt but you bared with the pain until you got home.When you got home you went to the bathroom and got a wrap.you didnt think it was anything big but Liam was just the opposite . he took care of you even though it was no biggy. You tried to tell that to him but he just said my baby girl got hurt I'm am batman and I will be here for her whenever she needs it.i will be here every step the way I will help her when hurt for I am...



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