This might not be a Good book. Because I'm just write ing down different things I had on the top of my head. So they might be a bit mixed up. Please Please Please no hate.


1. How He Gets When Jelouse

Harry- Harry will turn a shade of a dark red. When your talking to another guy. After ur done talking to the guy. U go and calm Harry down "Hazza Babe Calm Down I'm always gonna be yours."

Liam- he turns extremly hot. And wil wrap his arm around your waist and says " your mine sweetie".

Niall- Will Stop Whatever he's doin and come up to you and give you a kiss on the lips to
let the guy know your takin.

Zayn- Will turn from a smile to a frown insintly. And take you away from the guy who your taking to.

Louis- louis will get a mad/Jelouse faciall expression. And come up to you wherever you are and wrap his hands around your waist
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