Maybe He will

Kylie Edwards was best friends with Ross Lynch back in High School, she moved away and he became famous. They see each other at school again and fall in love.


1. I saw him

-Kylie's POV- Senior year football, I wish I could sign up but I'm a girl and no girls allowed on the team, So I play soccer "Hey, isn't that Liam Payne?" My best friend Haley asked pointing "I think that is!" I almost screamed "Should we go say hi or.." She trailed off "No, he probably doesn't remember us" I said looking down "Are you kidding! he's waving at us!" She screamed "Haley, look he's waving at us because he thinks we're his fans, He's preforming" I said, If you're wondering who we are talking about is Liam Payne, my best friend, well he was before he left "Liam! Over here!" She yelled waving her other hand at him "Haley! I said no!" I screamed "But Kylie" She looked at me with puppy dog eyes "No buts Haley, we need to go" I whispered and stood up "You can't just leave!" She said, I ignored her and walked back to my car and drove away -At home- "UGH!" I screamed  slamming the door "Whoa calm down" My brother, Justin said, I started watching TV "So One Direction is back in town and they where performing at Collage Dale High today" The reporter said, I turned off the TV and went onto Twitter on my phone "Yay! I got to see One Direction preform at my school! @Kylie why did you leave?" Haley tweeted "@Haley_Vanisse Cuz' i wanted to" I tweeted back, I ran up stairs "Justin! What are you doing!?" I screamed/Asked "I'm just showing what you have in your room to my friends" He replied holding my perfume "Give me that! and get out!" I screamed at him and grabbed the perfume bottle "Fine, Just trying to have a little bit of fun" He said and walked out, Sometimes I just wish he would be normal just for once "Kylie! Come down your friends are here" My mom yelled, I walked down the stairs and Haley was standing there, with that cheeky smile of hers plastered onto her face "Oh no" I said as she was dragging me outside "Kylie! Haven't seen you in a long time" Liam said smiling "Yeah" I said just a little bit worried, There were other guys i didn't know "Kylie, Haley these are my band mates, Harry, Louis, Zayn and Niall" He said pointing to each of them "Hi I'm Hayley!" She said happily "That's Kylie" She said and stopped smiling "Well, let's go in!" I smiled, I walked in with them following me and unfortunately my brother's girlfriend was here "Oh My gosh! that's One Direction" She started freaking out "Kylie can we hang out with you? please for her" He asked "Justin, no I'm sorry but were all grown  up and then your 16, sorry" I said and walked upstairs "Kylie! Please!" He yelled "I told you already Justin No" I said and looked back to him "Okay, That was awkward" Haley said grabbing her phone from her pocket "Kylie! we're gonna be late for practice!" She yelled "Crap, Sorry guys we have to go, but meet us in the park across the street" I said and ran out "See ya!" Haley said and followed me "Coach! sorry, we lost track of time" I said between gasps "Just go get changed Vanisse, Edwards stay here" He growled "Yes coach" I said "See Daniels over there, Tell her she's off the team NOW!" He yelled "Okay" i said and ran off to Jessica Daniels "Jessica, Coach said your off the team" I said and walked away, When I looked back I say Jessica crying, I felt back for her, She didn't play good but it was a hobby for her -After soccer practice- We got back at around 12:00 A.M because of our party "Sh Haley, my parents are asleep" I whispered "Sorry" She whispered, We got to my room and turned on the light "What are you doing here!?" I whispered/yelled "You said to wait, so we did" Harry said trying to be all innocent "I didn't mean wait until we got home, whatever just go out the window" I whispered "How?" Haley asked "I have a ladder just in case I get grounded" I whispered "Oh" Niall whispered, After they got out, Haley and I went to sleep.

A/N: Herro! Hope you like the first chapter! It was originally made for Ross Lynch but I thought if I made it Liam it would be more interesting, thanks for reading! 

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