This is just a one shot that I wrote when I was bored about Harry Styles and Cara Delevinge


1. Remember?


Cara's Point of View  

My eyes flutter open, all I can see if white, white walls, white bed, white hospital gown, wait hospital gown, where am I? My head starts to ache and I grab my forehead, a bandage sits on my head, I look around, trying to remember what happened to me, but It is all burred, like I was drunk and I can't piece together anything. 

"Cara! Thank God you awake, I can't believe your okay!" A young man runs up and grabs me in a massive bear hug, after a long time he steps away and I look at him, utterly confused as to who he could be. He runs his hand through his curly hair and his green eyes look worried and confused. "Cara? Its me Harry." He sits down beside me and places his hand on top of mine. I look down at his hand, confusion written all over my face. I look up at him, slowly, staring deep into his eyes, the look like green crystals shining, if eyes could be crystals they would be his eyes, wait that doesn't make sense, whats wrong with me?  "Who are you?" The boy "Harry" yanks back his hand as if it was bitten by a snake and looks deep into my eyes before standing and rushing out. I sit and stare out the window, trying to piece together the mystery of what is going on.  "Harry" returns with an older man dressed in white, his name tag reads Docter Anderson.  "Hello Cara, I'm doctor Anderson, I'm going to ask you a few questions. Can you talk to me today, or will we need to use the squeezing method?"  "I can talk."  "Well, lets get started, do you remember what your last name is?" I think long and hard. "No."  "Can you remember the names of your parents? Again I try to remember but I all I come up with is a blank mind  "No."  "Last question, what is the last thing that you can remember?"  "Waking up here and this boy, I mean Harry hugging me." The doctor pulls Harry aside and starts to whisper, I listen and hear small snippets of conversation, car crash, nasty band to the head, and amnesia. Harry rushes back over to my side and hugs me tightly again. "Can't breathe." I whisper to him as he constricts my airways in a massive bear hug.  "Sorry Cara." He stops and sits beside me, silence falls over the room, not awkward, just a nice friendly silence, like what you feel with friends. Is he my friend? "Cara? You have amnesia, they said that you can't remember anything at all, that its really bad and you don't even remember who I am. "I'm sorry." I say blankly, not really sure that I mean it. "But the good news is that I can take you home today, now that your awake." "How long have I been here Harry?"  " 1 week."  "Woah really, did I sleep that long?"  "Yeah, anyway, heres your clothes, sorry I just realised I was sitting on them, there probably warm now." I laugh, and he joins in, his laugh sounds amazing. What am I talking about, I don't even remember this guy and now I'm crushing on him. I slip into the bathroom and look at myself in the mirror, I look hideous, their are bags under my eyes and the white bandage over my forehead, I slip my hair up into a ponytail and pull on my fresh clothes. It all feels so clean! I walk back out to Harry and he smiles at me before linking his arm with mine. "You look beautiful love." We walk out and I sign my form so I can leave this horrible place. "Umm, Harry who do I sign it as?" "Cara Delevinge." He pulls out a picture and shows me a signature at the bottom. "Here copy this one." I look closely at the picture, its of a beautiful girl with blonde hair walking down a run way. I sign the paper and we leave, I watch the sights go by from the passenger side of Harrys car, everything looks unfamiliar and silence sits over us, that is untill I break it.  "Harry who was the girl in your photo?" "Oh, Um that was you."  "Me?" "Yeah, you signed it for me when I went to one of the shows you were in, your a model?" "Oh." I whisper, then I sit and try to remember what modelling is like but, fail miserably, nothing coming to my mind, I hate this I'm so confused. Harry pulls up in front of an expensive looking house and jumps out of the car opening the door for me, very gentlemen like. We walk up to the door and he rummages around in the pot plant taking out a key.  "Is that my spare key?"  "Yeah, you don't keep it under the mat.. "Because Its to obvious everyone would do it and be able to break in and steal my cats!" I laugh at our joke about spare key, that we first came up with when we met. I squeal with excitement and turn to Harry and grab him in a massive bear hug, he lifts me up off the ground and spins me around effortlessly. "I remembered!"  "Yes you did love." He opens the front door and I walk in, looking around at the house, I pass a lounge room and a kitchen, and I keep walking aimlessly around opening doors and trying to think of what happened in these rooms. I open a door and look in to find a bed and a wall of pictures with a desk. "Thats your room." Harry stands in the doorway before walking in and putting my bag on the bed. I spin around slowly taking in my surroundings and trying as hard as I can to remember. I turn to the wall of pictures, there spread all over the wall are pictures of me, the blonde girl modelling, ones of Harry and I, smiling at the camera, or making stupid faces, I guess doing what ever we wanted, also posters of Harry and other boys. I point to one of Harry and a group, the caption reads One Direction.  "Harry, who are they?" "The famous band I'm in." And he points them all out to me. " This is Louis, my best friend, Liam, the smart one, Zayn, our bradford bad boi, and thats Niall our Irish leprechaun."  "Oh, I can't remember them." Harry laughs at me then flops down on the bed, pulling me beside him. "Thats because I haven't met them Cara. I let a giggle escape out of my mouth then decide to play it sassy. "Fine then, I see how it is, just laugh at the girl with amnesia because she can't remember that she never met them before. Harry starts to laugh again and snorts really loudly sounding like a pig. "Nice on Harold!" I laugh, but he stops and props himself up on his elbows staring at me. "Hello, earth to Harry? Whats wrong?" "You called me Harold!" "Yeah, thats what I always do when I want to annoy you… Wait I remembered something else! I squeal, and jump starting to do a happy dance, I start trying to shuffle and the carpet underneath my feet trips me and I fall on top of Harry, my body pressed against his, it feels so right. I roll of him and lay there my face pushed into the bed so he can't see my red cheeks. When I think there okay I look up and find Harry has taken a photo of my wall and is looking at it. "You still have this photo?"  I look at it and Harry is holding a photo of us, It was summer, and we must have had a water fight in Harrys backyard. We are both soaking wet and I'm laughing my heads off as Harry kisses my cheek, his arms around my waist, and mine around his. It looks like an awesome day. "Sorry, of course you can't remember. Umm well you came over to my house and we were bored so I chucked my water over you….." I listen to Harry continue telling me about our water fight, his deep voice mesmerising, I look at his face, tracing his features with my eyes, I look into them and I can't tear my eyes away, his are so green like emeralds. "You having fun checking me out Cara?" I look down at the bed, smiling and I blush. "And when you smile at the ground It ain't hard to tell, you don't know, you don't know your beautiful." "Harry do you mind if I ask you a personal question?" "No of course not, go ahead." "Were we dating before I got amnesia, or were we just friends?" I look up at Harry and he turns his head slightly away. "Umm, we were just friends."  "Oh, okay." I look down at my hands, disappointed that we weren't anything more, disappointed that he didn't like me. "Its not that I don't want you Cara, its just we were always really happy as friends and we never talked about dating." I sit their, trying to let it all sink in, trying to convince myself that Harry doesn't like me back. "Cara, I'm going to go make a snack. Are you hungry?"  "No, I'm fine, you go ahead, I'm going to sit here and look at some more photographs and try to jog my memory." I smile at Harry, hopefully convincing him that I'm okay. He doesn't look convinced but he leaves, and I sit, staring at the wall, willing myself to remember the people and places of the pictures. I grab a photo off the wall and walk back out to the kitchen.   "Never felt like this before-ore

Are we friends or are we more?
As I’m walking towards the door
I’m not sure.

But baby if you say you want me to stay
I’ll change my mind
Cause I don’t wanna know I’m walking away
If you’ll be mine
Won’t go, won’t go
So baby if you say you’ll want me to stay, stay for the night

I’ll change my mind.
I’ll change my mind."
  I stand behind the corner the whole time listening to Harry, his voice stunning me, then It all clicks in my mind, I fall to my knees, crying, and then rush out to him.  "Harry! Let me change your mind, Harry, just be mine already, okay, be mine!" I stand their and press my body up against his and he kisses me, slowly, passionately, I place my arms around his neck and he pulls e closer, his arms around my waist. When I finally pull away, he holds me and doesn't let go.  "You remember?" He whispers to me? "Everything." Then he picks me up bridal style and carries me into the lounge room and sits us down on the couch and sit their cuddled up to each other, I play with his curls while he hums Change my mind to me,  "I don't want this moment to end Harry." "Neither do I love, Neither do I."   The End  
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