My secret valentine

It is for the one direction valentines day contest of 2013.
Hope u like it


1. Mystery guy

Ashley's POV

I opened my locker and I saw this note, it read: Will You Meet Me On The Eiffel Tower on February 14? I thought for a little bit and I decided to go.

On the train

I ran into a really cute guy in the train ride to Paris. After the train ride I was waiting right where the note told me to. After a little bit longer I saw a guy in a tux and a mask, I was in my best looking dress, he said, " hi. Are you Ashley?" And at that moment I knew he was the one. The one who gave me the note, the one I ran into on the train. As I turned around my lips and his collided and when he took me home I couldn't leave his side. My parents were gone for the week so I said he could stay and he could even stay in my bed, we even got married on valentines day.

The end hope you liked it ( it was my first book ever on Wattpad )
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