complicated *ON HOLD*

loseing someone and gaining 5... ((PLEASE WATCH THE TRAILOR))


1. meeting them




"Like oh my god!" Rachel screamed jumping on my bed; I covered my ears from the unnatural high pitch although I can scream 5 times louder, still. I slowly brought down my hands, "yes Rachel?" I asked, "My mom got me tickets to one direction!!!" she squealed, oh god I hope she doesn’t say what I think next. "Yay..." I mumbled, "You have got to like totes come alright?" she asked, I knew it! But I mean she did come with me to the Eminem concert, so I guess I owe her. "Only cut I like you." I smiled, "but I will refuse to wear any fancy clothes, makeup, or do my hair all fancy!" I said pointing my finger at her sternly, her face dropped. "Then what are you gunna wear? Your underwear?" she questioned sarcastically a known look on her face. "Nope! I will wear sweats my hair in a bun and my usual mascara only." I said smiling, at the look on her face. "But don’t you want to marry on of them?" she screamed, wow there. "No um, not really..." I said sitting my back against my headboard. "They aren’t just anybody! They are from London/Ireland, they're fucking adorable, they sing they have accents, and they're all sex gods!!" she screamed falling off the bed making me laugh. "yeah lemmie know when they get as cool as Eminem or Haystak." i say, "like that’s possible!" i laugh and see Rachel’s eyes go wide, she stands up, her fists clenched, arms to the side and red in the face with anger. God she REALLY likes these dudes. She started to cry, angry tears, "YOU ONLY FUCKING LIKE EMINEM AND HAYSTAK BECAUSE OF YOU GOD DAMN STEPDAD! LET IT GO ALREADY HE'S DEAD SO THE FUCK?! WHAT I WIS-" I started crying my throat burned and the cuts on my cheeks and neck stung from my cold salty tears. Her face softened, eyes going wide realizing what she had just said. She walked closer to the bed carefully drying my tears. "I’m so sorry." she whispered pulling my body in for a hug. "I’m sorry, you don’t have to g-" I cut her off, "I’ll go," she smiled, and i pulled away.


"On one condition." I said.




"Help me WASH MY HAIR! Please it hurts when I do it!!" I whined.


"fine." she smiled helping me off the hospital bed.










     "Hey Rach" I smiled at her, handing me the crutches she grinned. "Tonight’s the concert" she smiled, showing her perfect teeth. i grinned at her, I haven’t seen her this happy since she went to Australia to study dance for a summer. Amazing, right?


              It was this big thing for school; I went to Paris to study art. I slowly went out the door and went up to the front desk getting my release papers, "can we visit my mom after the concert?" I ask hoping toward the automatic doors. "Shure." she smiled. I walked out the doors of the hospital, the wind gave me Goosebumps.


I laughed when I remembered my stepdad would always say that 'if it’s cold and someone gives you their jacket, they truly care. Friend or boyfriend.' he had said smiling down at me while handing me his ecko unlimited jacket.


A tear slipped out of my eye, traveling down my cheek. Rachel opened the car door for me and I quickly wiped my tear. She got into the car and drove to my house to get ready for the concert tonight.




Concert Time


 I threw my hair into a quick messy bun and smiled at myself, then frowned. The cuts were visible all from head to toe I was covered in them. I know your probably thinking I cut myself but I didn’t I was in a car accident. I had also had a crushed lower leg that I had to have over 25 surgeries on and now a cast and in 6 months I will have to go through therapy to learn how to walk again. Nuff' said, I pulled on my tank top the shirt that said 'Paris art major' I love this shirt because it had paint splatters all over it, I closed my eyes. How the hell am I going to get my pants on? I laughed and called for Rachel, she came running up the stairs her hair all weird, "uh hey," I say awkwardly. "I kind of need you to help me put my pants on..." I said trailing off. She laughed grabbing my black sweat pants and helping me put them on when there was a knock at the door. "I’ll get it." Rachel said running out of the room and down the stairs. I heard a scream come from downstairs and grabbed my crutches, quickly going down the stairs to see what had happened. I walked the hall towards the front door to see it wide open and i started to panic. "Ohmigod!" I screamed, "RACHEL" my eyes watered and I almost started to cry, but then I decided to check each room. I shut the door and went to the kitchen haring Rachel’s voice, I was filled with joy. I walked into the kitchen, "oh my god I thought there was a murderer at the door and he took you an-" I burst out crying remembering my stepdad had died. Her eyes filled with confusion then realization and she looked sorry. "Oh honey I’m sorry!" she exclaimed patting my back, "it’s just one directions bus broke down and now they're..." she trailed off. “In your living room." she whispered, I turned around but a bit too fast and landed on my ass. "Oh my god Lilly!" she screamed worried. "My ass!" I whined, "it hurtssssssss!" I said


"Your leg, did you hit your leg?" she asked worried.


"A little..." I whined in pain, tears started streaming down my cheeks, now it hurts a lot. "Ow,ow,ow, Rach it hurts!" she just stood there, "I can’t pick you up I’m not strong enough," she whispered, "I’ll go get one of the boys." and with that she ran out of the kitchen running to the living room. I heard 6 pairs of feet run into the kitchen and harry came and picked me up while zayn got my crutches from the floor and together we went to the living room. Suddenly my leg stopped hurting. And I smiled a bit in relief. My ass on the other hand still hurt like a bitch. "Are you okay love?" Louis asked. Hey I may not like them but I know who the fuck they are. I slowly nodded my head, "how'd you hurt your leg?" niall asked, while Rachel left the room to finish getting ready. "Car accident." I mumbled.  Harry walked to the couch about to set me on my ass. "Don’t," I said, "my ass hurts..." I whined, laughing a bit. He smiled, "want me to just hold you?" he smirked, "well I mean, I’m not really a fan so it'd be a bit weird." I said truthfully, watching as his smirk went to a frown. "Well I’ll hold you anyway," he said sitting down with me facing him, suddenly my eyes got heavy and I fell asleep.

























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