Children of the night

Marceline Abadeer the vampire queen was never a lover. She despised everyone to be specific. All she loved were violence, drugs,and fries. After her father eats her fries her life changes everyone leaves her, but someone gives her strength in her hours of need. Princess Bubblegum. What will happen when marceline meets this sweet angel? Maybe she isn't as angelic as we think.....


1. Drugs,violence,and fries

Marceline's POV
I sat at the bus stop. My hood covered my face from all of the sugary freaks. I hated going to the Candy Kingdom, but nobody made better sugar cubes ( a type of illegal candy drug). The bus arrived, I floated on and sat at the back. Nobody dared to sit near me, I was happy I wanted to be alone. My dad was gonna meet me at the alley where a little peppermint guy sold them. Sugar cubes sometimes make you creepy especially if you were a candy person. He was wack with them. The bus stopped and I rushed off making sure no one followed me. My dad was already there. He was holding a takeout box.
"you're late."he snarled. I rolled my eyes.
"the bus was late." I pushed him aside and went down the alley.
"Where is he?" I turned.
"He's gone you missed him. He gave me the stuff already." he opened up the takeout box to see an order of fries.
"it's in the fries."He grinned. I picked one up and tasted it, definitely sugar cubes. I took the box and stuffed it in my jacket.
"let's go." I floated out of the dark alley, my father trailed behind me.
"so what are we doing today?" I ate the rest of my frie.
"I thought we could hit the Candy Castle. You know like a raid!" he jumped up and down like a little 7 year old. I paused.
"The Candy Castle?" I raised an eyebrow. He nodded. I shrugged and kept on floating.
"alright but before we go let's hit the club," I continued,"I've got some unfinished business
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