Children of the night

Marceline Abadeer the vampire queen was never a lover. She despised everyone to be specific. All she loved were violence, drugs,and fries. After her father eats her fries her life changes everyone leaves her, but someone gives her strength in her hours of need. Princess Bubblegum. What will happen when marceline meets this sweet angel? Maybe she isn't as angelic as we think.....


2. Daddy why did you eat my fries?

Even though sometimes I acted like my dad was a piece of junk, it was true I loved him. He was a great friend and parent. He raised me to be a gangbanger. No one else ever cared about me like he did, well except Simon but, he doesn't count! We walked into the club it was pretty much empty because it was still around 12:00 am. I walked up to the bartender.
"One screaming child." I tapped the counter. He went to work as my dad and I planned the raid.
" so first we turn invisible and scare the banana guards and sneak in. We will stay invisible and grab all the goods we can get, ok?" my dad plotted. I nodded and picked up my drink. It was hardcore alcohol but I needed it. I got kicked out of my apartment and my boyfriend of three years sold my most prized possession. A teddy bear from-from an old friend. The red liquid stung my throat as my father went on. Suddenly a short heart shaped guy walked through the room with a cigar in his mouth.
"Ricardio! It's Marceline! Can we talk?" I chased after the man. He turned on his heel.
"you talkin to me?" he pointed at his face. I nodded.
"Mr. Ricardio about that deal-"
"YOU BAILIN ON ME ABADEER?" he shoved his cigar on my hoodie. I wiped off the ashes.
"no sir, I just can't afford 20,000 dollars right now. Maybe in a few months." I rubbed my arm.
"Can't you sell something?" he lit another cigar. That's when I remembered the raid.
"Nevermind Mr. Ricardio sir I'll have your money real soon." I grinned and walked back inside of the club. My dad wasn't there. The bartender pointed across the street. I ran thought the doors to find my dad. He was sitting there in the rubble eating the fries. Every. Last. One. I don't get drugs for no reason I get drugs for my gang. I am so dead, I thought to myself.
"Dad! How could you?" I began to tear up. 50,000 dollars worth of sugar cubes, gone!!
"Wah, Mar-Marceline!" he studdered. I ran out the doors.
I was ruined
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