Humans.The top of the food chain.
The Wild is getting torn apart bit by bit to have houses, factories,farms,apartments build in it.When a Tiger,Pather and a Snow Leopard meet with they be able to save the wild?

This is my first movella so please read:)


3. Zwart

Zwart looked down from the hill she was on to her old territory that was now a farm about 50 trees were cut down to make one farm. As Zwart was about to walk away a huge bang echoed across the forest Zwart jumped she looked back at the farm she saw a little black dot move around she went futher down the hill to see better the black dot was a man.

The man picked up somthing orange and furry "He killed a fox!" gasped Zwart she went down to the bottom of the hill and went under the fence, she was now in big danger she was in the farm. Zwart stayed low to the ground and crawled well watching the man then she stood on somthing she looked down her eyes widen looking up at her was 3 fox cubs the biggest one snarled " hush it's ok I'm not going to hurt you " the cub kept snarling " Be quiet! do you want to kill us all? "

she hissed, the fox cub stopped but it was to late the famer had heard him and was walking towards them loading his gun!

" this way!" said Zwart  " run! " they all ran for it the famer started shooting they went under the fence and into the shadows

Zwart didnt know what to do with 3 fox cubs their mother was dead, and father foxes would kill their cubs incase they were a threat later on in life she thought hard then got an idea " stay here " she told the cubs then ran off.

"Vix! Vix! " she called out " I'm over here Zwart! " a voice called out she ran towards it behind the tree was an old friend of Zwart's when she was a cub she became great friends with Vix the fox. Her mother hated their friendship and banned Zwart from seeing Vix so late at night when her mother was asleep Zwart would sneak out and play with Vix." Vix I need you to do somthing " " and what's that?" " come this way " Zwart showed Vix the cubs and told her about the famer " that's horrible... so you want me to be their new mum? " asked Vix Zwart nodded Vix looked at the cubs " well alright " Zwart smiled and watched  Vix and the cubs walk away it was just about night fall so she went back to her den and fell asleep.


Hi! hopped you liked this chapter. Incase your wondering why I did the starting chapters with them not meeting is because I

wanted everyone to see how the animals are for example I find Lesha sneaky the way she stole food and Kuma is strong and would be a great leader and Zwart is kind so ya in the next chapters all the cats will be meeting :)

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