Humans.The top of the food chain.
The Wild is getting torn apart bit by bit to have houses, factories,farms,apartments build in it.When a Tiger,Pather and a Snow Leopard meet with they be able to save the wild?

This is my first movella so please read:)


5. What the?

Kuma slowly walked around the jungle.He was bored "Oh this will be amazing!!!!" a vocie called out Kuma pricked up his ears, that wasn't an animal's voice he walked over to were the voice had come from. Kuma dropped to the ground and peered through the bushes he gasped right in front of him was about six human's 5 male and 1 female, the female was holding a blue square thing with paper on top of it " well we'll come back next week and chop most of these tree's and start building the apartment block!"  " I think I might buy one myself it will have an amazing view! "Kuma flattened 1 1/2 of his ears ( thanks to Taza half of Kuma's right ear is gone ) and snarled. Building in his home was just to much he stood up and started roaring to try and frighten them off " TIGER!!! SHOOT IT PAUL! SHOOT IT! " screamed the female well throwing her hands in the air.

One of the men pointed a long stick at Kuma, Kuma wasn't scared of a stick so he whacked it then the stick made a very loud sound "BAM BAM " Kuma felt a sudden pain in his back leg red hot blood ozzed out. Kuma collapsed he couldn't put any weight on his leg he crawled over into to the bush " Oh thank you Paul! your such a hero!" Kuma dragged himself to the river then jumped in his blood went down stream. When his leg stopped bleeding he got out of the river, a hole was now in his leg Kuma started to lick the wound then had a nap.

When Kuma woke up it was midday his leg felt much better, he still couldn't walk on it he just had to hop. Kuma decided he would go investigate were the humans were going to build. It was easy to tell humans had been there wrapers were everywhere and tools had been left behind then something white caught Kuma's eye he hopped over to it it was a piece of card with TOH with a green circle around it "TOH?" Kuma asked himself



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