Humans.The top of the food chain.
The Wild is getting torn apart bit by bit to have houses, factories,farms,apartments build in it.When a Tiger,Pather and a Snow Leopard meet with they be able to save the wild?

This is my first movella so please read:)


4. Sniff sniff

Lesha woke up to a strange smell she sniffed then sneezed the smell made her nose sting, Lesha stood up and walked out of her den a horrible sight came to her Lesha folded her ears back and gasped about 30 feet away was a factorie puffing out dirty smoke " that's what the smell is " said Lesha a pack of wolves ran passed choughing Lesha sneezed again. " are you crazy?! " asked one of the wolves " get out of here! "  Lesha started running as she was running she saw black stuff being pumed into the sea, a penguin came out of the water with the stuff covering him " ewww " he cried well shaking his flipper " WHY WON'T IT COME OFF???!!!" he screamed Lesha walked up to him and looked at the stuff " WHAT IS IT? "

" how should I know?" " it's called oil" said a vocie behind them Lesha turned around and saw a very old polar bear "OIL? WHAT'S OIL? HOW DO YOU GET IT OFF?" asked/shouted the penguin " that's a question no animal can answer olny humans can get it off " the penguin fanited Lesha sighed then turned back to the polar bear " How do you know what it is?"

she asked "I've been here for a very long time this has happend so many times but I think this is the last one I will see"

then the polar bear turned and walked away. Lesha look at the factorie on the side it had TOH Lesha frowned what's TOH?

she started running again the smoke was to much for her suddenly the ice she was on cracked and split away from the other piece Lesha stopped she was floating out to sea! she couldn't swim so jumping off was stupid Lesha sat down and hoplessly watched her home get father and father away.

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