Humans.The top of the food chain.
The Wild is getting torn apart bit by bit to have houses, factories,farms,apartments build in it.When a Tiger,Pather and a Snow Leopard meet with they be able to save the wild?

This is my first movella so please read:)


1. Lesha

"Not a sound" Lesha thought she focused on the artic hare, her paws gilded through the snow "ARRRRRRRRRRRRROWWWWWW" the hare shot off Lesha darted for it and missed.Lesha snarled she had 3 days without food or sleep because of the huskies, she was very grumpy.Everywhere she went there were men and their dogs

"stupid mutts" growled Lesha.Lesha had told herself she would not go for plan B but she had no choice she walked over to the little den the humans had, as she past the huskies they when nuts "arrrrowwwww" "RRRRRR" Lesha snarled back they went silent.She poked her head inside,no humans she walked inside and looked for something to eat.A whiff of meat went passed Lesha's nose she followed the sent.It lead her to a big brown thing with skinny legs but it wasnt alive she jumped up on her hind legs then rested her paws on the top she saw what the smell was coming from.On the top of the brown thing was a round lump of food she picked it up then dropped it on the ground "P...  I...  E " Lesha read " Human writing  is weird " Lesha said to herself.She clawed at the see through thing that was wrapped around the "pie" finally she opened it she started to eat,the meat was brown not red but meat is meat.When she finished she explored more,she found an open cupoard she looked inside to find all of the huskies food "yum yum " she smiled " this is what happens when you dont let a Snow Leopard eat or sleep for 3 days " She dug in.Lesha was interrupted half way through to a bang,the humans were back they huskies went crazy Lesha went around the back then she ran as fast as she could ( which wasnt too fast because she had a full tummy ) back to her den and curled up into a ball and fell fast asleep.


Hey guys!! thanks for reading this is my first story ever so please comment your feelings:) I will try to update as much as possible but I do have school and stuff :) so ya try to keep watching incase I update

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