Humans.The top of the food chain.
The Wild is getting torn apart bit by bit to have houses, factories,farms,apartments build in it.When a Tiger,Pather and a Snow Leopard meet with they be able to save the wild?

This is my first movella so please read:)


2. Kuma

Drip drip drip drip drip...Kuma woke up to the sound of drips coming from the roof of the cave he yawned showing his huge teeth even though no one was there to show them to. Kuma slowly got up to get a drink from the waterfall. As he walked through the jungle monkeys screamed the tiger alarm to each other Kuma roared the noise was to much for him at that time in the morning all the monkeys fled, Kuma finally reached the waterfall as he was drinking he saw a log coming towards him

I'm not stupid Taza " he shouted at the log because the log wasnt really a log, Taza was a crocodile. Kuma started to back away then Taza jumped out of the water snapping Kuma whacked the side of Taza's head then they both stopped Kuma snarled and Taza hissed " good stay away and go back into the water " thought Kuma but Taza did the opposite.

Taza lunged forward aiming at Kuma's head his tooth went through Kuma's ear he roared in pain. Blood poured out of Kuma's ear, Kuma jumped ontop of Taza and bit down on his spine Taza wriggled trying to shake him off Kuma bit harder Taza hissed Kuma planted his huge paw on Taza's giant mouth then bit he's neck after awhile Taza stopped hissing and wriggling, slowly Kuma let go '' we both knew who was going to win " he said to the body

He bent down and started to feed


Hi:) this chapter was really hard to write!!! haha I had to look up who would win between a Crocodile and a Tiger!

The next chapter I will write is about Zwart the Panther. Zwart is dutch for black incase your wondering

Zwart's chapter may take a bit off time because I know nothing about Panthers.

Thanks for reading :)


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