my life

This story is about the life of a young girl named Zoey. The story will tell her life from when she is 7-17 years old. Hope u like it


4. Meet Sarah

Hello. My name is Sarah. I have green eyes and neon pink hair. I have an older sister named Ally. She is the same age as my best friend zooeys brother, Kevin. I like Kevin so I told Zooey. She almost told him and I got really scared so I couvered her mouth but whatever. Whenever I have a sleepover at Zooey's my sister always gets jealous and mad at me because Kevin is there. She likes him. "Hey sar at you on this planet?" I hear Kevin ask. "Of coarse Kevin. Where else would I be?" I say. "Ohhhhhh little girl acting smart good job." Ellis says. I really don't like him. And I don't know why Kevin likes him either. "Shutup Ellis" I hear Kevin say. "Dude, just because you like her doesn't mean you have to be mean to me." Ellis whispers but not quiet enough for me to hear. KEVIN LIKES ME. I couldn't contain my smile. "Ellis could you shut your mouth pretty pretty please?" Kevin says. "Kevin, how could I not." Ellis says pretending to kiss Kevin on his cheek. "Ewwww dood stop meh sister is watching." He says. Everyone pauses for a second to look at Kevin then everyone bursts out laughing. Then everyone stops and we are home.
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