my life

This story is about the life of a young girl named Zoey. The story will tell her life from when she is 7-17 years old. Hope u like it


3. Meet Kevin

Kevin's POV: hey my name is Kevin. I am 10. I have black hair with green at the ends. I am pretty tall and I have a six pack. I know. I am 10 and have a six pack. Pretty crazy. I have bright green eyes with blue surrounding the outside of my pupils. But Sarah. Sarah is beautiful. I know she is three years younger than me but I still like her. I always look at her. All the girls in my grade like me, but I don't really care. Whenever a girl comes up to me and says she likes me I say that I like someone else. Today this happened. A girl named ally came up and said, "hey kev. I'm going to call you that, okay? Anyways I like you. So you will be my boyfriend and we will kiss... A lot. And you won't be able to see any other girls okay?" All of the boys like her. But me. "No, I like someone else." I say smirking thinking about Sarah when she runs how her hair looks like its a flame. I get pulled out of my daze by hearing someone yelling at me. "Is it Lucy. I know she like you. Or maybe it's Clarity she likes you too. It could be any girl. Who is she and why isn't she me?" By now she was crying out of frustration. "Ally, I'm sorry. I can't tell you. It's too embarrassing." I pull her into a friendly embrace like I do to all girls and that is my regular line. Then I Kiss her cheek and walk off. That one was sad. Nobody has ever cried in front of me about me not liking them. But then again o there are only 3 people who are snobs who get everything. Whatever. Then it was the end of the day and I saw ally walk out of their classroom crying with her two clones comforting her. Pathetic. Then I walk out side to the back of the school where I always meet up with Zooey and walk home. When I get there she is with Sarah. Right I forgot. It's her birthday tonight. Ugg that means I will have 5 random girls running around my house( not including Sarah or Zooey. Maybe tonight I will tell Sarah that I like her. I wonder how she will take it. Will she be grossed out. I always look at her and then she and my sister yell ewwww so I don't know. Maybe that's an act. What are you doing Kevin. All girls like you. But... But what get yourself together. I always motivate myself. It's a habit. Ok. "Hey ladies." I say. "Kevin!" Sarah yells running up to me and giving me a hug. Her usual thing that she does when she comes up to me. "Hey Kevin. Sarah told me she jhggcghhcfghv " Zooey says but then gets cut off by Sarah covering her mouth. "It doesn't matter. " Sarah says calmly then gives Zooey an evil glair. "Let's get going girls. Your friends are going to get to our house soon." I say then hear my friend Ellis calling me. "Hey dood." banjancanadian reference)I say. "Hey wanna hang out?" He asks. "Umm no I can't Zooey is having a sleepover tonight with all of her friends. Your welcome to come over though. There will be food." I say. His weakness is food. "Dood, if there's food you know I'm there." he says smiling. Then he looks over at Zooey and waves. Wait did he just wink at her. Oh my god does he like her? What ever. "Ok guys lets go before mom calls the police reporting missing children." I say. Sarah laughs and so does everyone else but I like to just focus on Sarah's laugh. It is pitched but cute. Unlike every other girl who is in my grade. They make theirs an annoying pitch. Then they stopped alighting and we walked home.
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