I Love Them All!

Hi i am Stella Malik yes my brother is zayn.I'm 16 years old. I Have black hair brown eyes and I am skinny but I really don't work for it. i kind of have a crush on one of his band mates but when they started staying at our house he made it SUPER clear to me and them that he didnt want any relatioships to come out of this for all of our sakes. i think he would just be jealous because i would be getting attention from his freinds. When she falls for one before you know it shes falling for another eventually she will have to choose and that might have a bad reaction. If she starts a fight nobody will be allowed to date her and it will be her fault. But she loves them all how will she choose???


2. Welcome Home!

After they brought in all the luggage we had lunch because Niall was going to die if he didn't eat something or so he said. After we were done we all decided to watch a movie we settled on Toy Story. We watched it and when we were done it was around 4 so all the boys except for Niall went to Nandos to get food. They walked out the door and Niall knew that the nearest Nandos was like an hour away so we decided to watch Finding Nemo.  But the whole watching thing didn't really happen about 10 minuets into it we were making out. I pulled away quickly when i heard Zayn's car. They came in with the food we all ate then all the boys decided to go to some club. That left me all alone. When me and Niall were cleaning up he offered to stay with me but i said no because i didn't want to look more suspicious and i deffently wasn't ready to tell my brother about him and me because well whatever we have only started today and i deffinetly wasn't in love with him yet. Mostly i just sat around and watched a little bit of a few movies. It was like 1 in the morning when i decided to go to sleep when i was in my room and probably about 10 seconds from sleep is when they walked in the door. They sounded like a million firecrackers blowing off into a huge speaker.

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