I Love Them All!

Hi i am Stella Malik yes my brother is zayn.I'm 16 years old. I Have black hair brown eyes and I am skinny but I really don't work for it. i kind of have a crush on one of his band mates but when they started staying at our house he made it SUPER clear to me and them that he didnt want any relatioships to come out of this for all of our sakes. i think he would just be jealous because i would be getting attention from his freinds. When she falls for one before you know it shes falling for another eventually she will have to choose and that might have a bad reaction. If she starts a fight nobody will be allowed to date her and it will be her fault. But she loves them all how will she choose???


3. SHUT UP!!

As soon as i heard them i knew i wouldn't get any sleep so i decided to to head downstairs because i really wasn't tired i don't know how that was possible cause i had probably gotten like 3 hours of sleep in the past 2 days. I walked downstairs and the boys were all sitting on the couch laughing SUPER loudly. ''Hey guys can you please SHUT UP!!'' ''Hey Stella come join us'' Zayn said When i turned to walk back up the stairs he ran after me and flung me over his shoulder and plopped me down on his lap on the couch wrapping his arms around my waist to keep me there. ''You guys aren't as drunk as you normally get'' i said looking at Zayn. ''That's because the bar was closed so we went to a movie instead'' he said sadly and let go of my waist. ''You poor thing'' I said then a pillow hit me in the face I looked across the couch to see Liam laughing his head off so I through it back at him he dodged it and ran after me.He picked me up bridal style and ran all over the houde with me before setting me down on his lap and wrapping his arms around  my waist just like Zayn did. He was laughing histarically when he finally stopped i looked around ''where's Niall'' ''went to take a shower'' said Louis. ''Lets play truth or dare'' said Harry. ''NO last time i ended up close to jail'' i said they all laughed. ''I promise that nothing will happen'' ''fine''. So we all formed a circle on the floor. ''Who goes first'' ''Liam'' ''Okay stella truth or dare?''


As i walked out of the bathroom i heard Liam ask Stella truth or dare she said dare as always. ''I dare you to kiss me'' wait what did i hear him right. Well apperently i did because when i looked back she was on his lap and there were making out. Zayn was just sitting there with all the other boys laughing and whistling but if that was me i probably would have ended up with a punch in the face.


When i pulled away from the kiss i was so dazed. When we kissed there was sparks there was when me and NIall did to now i was super confused i liked both of them. This can't happen. I went to go back to my spot in the circle when he grabbed my waist and pulled me back down. I laughed and just sat there. Niall walked in i wondered if he saw the kiss I wonder if he got jealous if he did. He shouldn't i mean we aren't even dating i mean we kissed like 3 times. God why does this have to happen to me why do i like both of them i know if i start a huge fight between Niall and Liam Zayn would kill me and not let me date either of them wich would be terrible cause i just need to get my thought straight. ''Niall finally it took you long enough'' Zayn said laughing. ''Yea sorry'' he said kind of quietly.''Okay Stella you turn'' ''Harry truth or dare'' ''Dare'' ''ummm i dare you to shave your head'' i imediattly regretted saying that because he started to scream and cover his head. ''Jeez i am just joking your turn.'' ''Liam truth or dare?'' ''Truth'' ''Do you have feeling for Stella'' ''I refuse to answer that for sakes of valuing my life'' ''It's okay answer it i won't kill you''Zayn said. ''Yes'' he said and kissed me. I laughed and we ended the game leaving me SUPER excited i mean Niall would have said no because he doesn't want my brother to hate him but Liam had the guts to say that he did and Zayn didn't get mad was this a sign????

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