I Love Them All!

Hi i am Stella Malik yes my brother is zayn.I'm 16 years old. I Have black hair brown eyes and I am skinny but I really don't work for it. i kind of have a crush on one of his band mates but when they started staying at our house he made it SUPER clear to me and them that he didnt want any relatioships to come out of this for all of our sakes. i think he would just be jealous because i would be getting attention from his freinds. When she falls for one before you know it shes falling for another eventually she will have to choose and that might have a bad reaction. If she starts a fight nobody will be allowed to date her and it will be her fault. But she loves them all how will she choose???


10. Just Hear Me Out!

After that Niall and Liam ran up the stairs I brought Jason to my room and left him to unpack and told him to meet me downstairs after he was done. I heard Liam and Niall talking in Niall's room i knocked there was no answer so I just walked in. They were sitting on the floor in front of the T.V. They got up to walk out the door. I jumped in front of them and shut the door. "Just hear me out" they didnt answer but they sat on the bed." We had been dating for almost 2 years when his dad got a job in Paris he had to move I thought it would be best to not be dating because who knew how long he would be gone." "So we decided the split would be best.... and now he is here and i really love him i only had whatever i had with you 2 for like less than a week I am really sorry can you please forgive me because I wouldn't want to have you guys hate me." Niall and Liam exchanged a glance and both got up and hugged me they said they would never hate me and they just wanted me to be happy. I smiled and kissed them both on there cheek and went to my room to check on Jason he was putting away his shirts. I told him to finish later and we walked downstairs. All the boys were there singing and goofing off I ran in and pounced on Zayn. We were al laughing and having a good time including Niall and Liam I am so glad I didn't screw up their happiness to bad. Everyone was starting to except Jason. :))

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