I Love Them All!

Hi i am Stella Malik yes my brother is zayn.I'm 16 years old. I Have black hair brown eyes and I am skinny but I really don't work for it. i kind of have a crush on one of his band mates but when they started staying at our house he made it SUPER clear to me and them that he didnt want any relatioships to come out of this for all of our sakes. i think he would just be jealous because i would be getting attention from his freinds. When she falls for one before you know it shes falling for another eventually she will have to choose and that might have a bad reaction. If she starts a fight nobody will be allowed to date her and it will be her fault. But she loves them all how will she choose???


12. "im sorry"

i woke up in Harrys arms. Oh shit i thought as i quietly not to wake him slipped out of the bedroom and down the hall to my room and plopped on my bed. "i am so screwed" i said aloud. I heard a knock at the door and went to answer it. I found Jason standing there looking a bit nervous. I invited him in and we went and sat on the couch. "Why do you look so nervous?" i asked him. "I have something to tell you" he said i didnt reply I just looked him in the eye and let him continue. "When I heaard we were moving back I was so eager to see you and feel those same sparks buut as we kissed they weren't there I met another girl in Paris and she is oming to stay here and I'm really sorry Stella but i just dont love you like that anymore" By the end of that sentence the tears were streaming down my face. Then Zayn walked in looked at Jason's awkward feeling face then to mine with makeup running down it. In a split second he was across the room holding Jason by the collar of his shirt. "What the hell did you do to my sister?!" Jason explained while Louis hugged me I didnt worry about louis liking me beuase he had El and we were great friends. As soon as Jason finished ayn threw him out the door and had the boys help him throw all his stiff in bags for him to pick up tomorrow, Louis called El to come over and we went to my room to talk "I'm Sorry" This isnt even the worst part I have alot of news to tell you but please dont look at me differently or judge me. "Come on I could never," So i explained everything from Niall to Liam to Harry to Jason. "You my friend are in some deep trouble" she said.


Author's Note: Hey guys I realize it has been almost a year since I updated but I had alot of emotinal stuff happening. I know there is alot of errors in this chapter im sorry I'm gunna try and update every Sunday mabye twice a week I promise. I think im gunna stop with my other 2 books but if you like those comment below letting me know. 

                                                      Love you lots,Amber 

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