I Love Them All!

Hi i am Stella Malik yes my brother is zayn.I'm 16 years old. I Have black hair brown eyes and I am skinny but I really don't work for it. i kind of have a crush on one of his band mates but when they started staying at our house he made it SUPER clear to me and them that he didnt want any relatioships to come out of this for all of our sakes. i think he would just be jealous because i would be getting attention from his freinds. When she falls for one before you know it shes falling for another eventually she will have to choose and that might have a bad reaction. If she starts a fight nobody will be allowed to date her and it will be her fault. But she loves them all how will she choose???


9. I missed you!

I got up and walked downstairs. When I walked in the living room all the guys were there talking in a hushed whisper. Zayn walked toward me he pulled me in for a hug I pushed him away and walked into the kitchen. I imediatly regretted this as Liam was sitting at the table I looked at him and he looked away. Life would be akward from here on out. I made some toast then ate it. I went to my room I decided to were a pair of white short shorts and a baby pink rufly tanktop and a pair of baby pink pumps. I walked back downstairs and heard all the boys down in the basement singing. I heard a knock at the door. I walked to open it. I opened the door a screamed. There standing on my doorstep was my ex Jason. He was only my ex because he was moving to Paris and we decided it would be better that way. He wrapped his arms around me and spun me in a circle. I heard the basement door open and the boys ran in. "Are you okay" Zayn yelled " just fine i said Jason had his arms wrapped around my waist and his chin on my shoulder. "Jason whats been going on" Zayn said doing that wierd boy thing they do like handshake hug thing i never got. "Whose this" Niall and Liam said in unison. "This is my ex Jason only my ex because he was going to Paris and we both thought it would be better." "Are you back to stay" Zayn said clearing the akward silence. " That depends o n you he said spinning me around  to face him. " of course  I missed you! I said kissing him. Liam and Niall looked confused mad and hurt all in one but I couldn't date either one and I loved Jason.

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