two boys one girl

taaleasha is a average 15 year old girl who has long brown hair with blonde streaks and red tinges she is a fairly popular girl but what happens when she has to choose out of her best friend and her crush.


6. sunday mistake

taaleasha's POV 

i woke up at 9 sunday morning to a text from madison  

m: wanna hang out today 

T: sure what time and can niall come

m: great 12 and no just us 2 please xx

t: fine xx


i decided to have breakfast then go for a jog when i got back from the jog i had a shower and got dressed for my day with madison i got ready and decided to text niall


T: hey 

N: hey 

T: wuu2 tonite 

N: nm u 

T: nm wanna have sleepover at my 

N: sure is madison coming 

T: if u want him to he can

N: nah sounds great love what time u want me over

T: 7 

N: kk 

T: i gtg spending day with madison ciao 

N: kk see u l8r


just as niall sent that reply there was a knock on my door i opened the door to see madison i gave him a hug then walked to the car madison being the gentleman he is opened the door for me and went to the drivers side 

as we were driving it was silent so i turned the radio to hear oceans being played by evanescence i love that song and i started singing along and madison joined in as soon as we were finished madison turned into the carpark for the cinemas we went to see taken 2 and at the end of the movie madison asked me out.

madison POV

the movie finished and i asked taaleasha out expecting her to say yes but she just said she would text me later because she has to go. i dropped her off at her house then headed home.

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